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One of the most exciting characters in “The Rings of Power” is young Theo, mainly because of his sword and the unresolved question about his father. Is it the Elf Arondir? The mysterious semi-rim? Or even Sauron or one of his henchmen?

Throughout the first two episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Theo (Tyroe Muhafidin) and his missing father are a recurring theme – a mystery that may have to do with the menacing broken sword the boy discovered and picks it up at the end of Episode 2. The sword should be loud Vanity Fair belong to his mother, Bronwyn, and may therefore be reminiscent of, or belonged to, Theo’s father. But who are the possible candidates who come into question?

Is it Arondir?

It is not said or even explicitly shown in “The Rings of Power”, but not only do the people in the village where Bronwyn (Nazanin Boniadi) and Theo live know, the audience has of course also picked up the various clues: Bronwyn and Arondir (Ismael Cruz Córdova) are in love with each other.

It would even be conceivable that they may have had a secret, possibly forbidden relationship for a long time, but have to keep a low profile on the outside and therefore only interact with each other in the series in a reserved way.

We don’t learn how long Bronwyn and Arondir have known or even been flirting with each other, only that Arondir has been stationed in the area for 79 years – that would be more than enough time to be the father of teenager Theo – and Theo’s ears are never actually shown, but are always hidden under his long hair. Nevertheless, this theory is rather improbable, after all, Theo doesn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about elves. And if he were half-Elf himself, he probably would have noticed his pointy ears.

Is it half brim?

The next candidate is Halbrand (Charlie Vickers), whom Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) meets at sea, but who, as we know, also comes from the southern lands. In addition, a similar symbol can be found on both Halbrand’s neck pendant and Theo’s cloak – but arguably not the same symbol:


On the left the symbol on Theo’s cloak, on the right the symbol on Halbrand’s pendant

What these two coats of arms mean and what they stand for is still pure speculation. All in all but let’s not assume that Halbrand is Theo’s father.

Is it Sauron himself?

What we do know, however, is that the sword that Theo found in a barn in his village bears the symbol of Sauron – a kind of crown with three prongs:


The symbol of Sauron on the sword of Theo

and somehow the gun seems to be connected to Theo: When Theo first picks up the broken sword, the Sauron crest flares up. And then at the end of Episode 2, a drop of blood creeps from his hand towards the sword, resulting in a smoky and fiery blade – because it Theos is blood or just because it is blood?

That’s the crucial question here, because what is clear is that the weapon is somehow connected to Sauron. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Sauron is Theo’s father. And for Theo’s father there is another, much more suitable candidate…

It’s a Game Of Thrones star!

One of the most prominent and earliest announced names in the cast of The Rings of Power is namely Joseph Mawle, who has already gained experience in fantasy series as Benjen Stark from “Game Of Thrones”.. The role he plays has not yet been officially announced – but there is this poster:


Joseph Mawle as Adar, the most likely candidate for Theo’s father

according to rumours a character named Adar is supposed to be seen here (played by Joseph Mawle) – a corrupted and tormented Elf who may be in cahoots with Sauron (which from the look of the poster seems to be the case). The word “adar” means “father” in the Elven language Sindarin. So it seems quite possible that Joseph Mawle will play Theo’s father – and this brings us back to the point of Theo covering his ears with his long hair. So are they actually pointy underneath?

If Adar were the father, it would make sense again that Theo hates the elves, even though he’s a half-elf himself. Because it could well be that the not exactly nice-looking Adar raped Theo’s mother or at least treated him badly. That would explain Theo’s hatred of the Elves, one of whom was cruel to his mother – and that he doesn’t want to belong to this people himself and is ashamed of it.

Our YouTube moderator Sebastian also goes into the various theories in the video above. We may find out more in detail in “The Rings of Power” Episode 3, which will be released on September 9, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

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