“Miracle” – influencer survives horror crash in Namibia

“Miracle” – influencer survives horror crash in Namibia
“Miracle” – influencer survives horror crash in Namibia

Travel influencer Jil Eileen Füngeling experiences a horror accident in Namibia. The 27-year-old had a huge guardian angel.

When you see the pictures, you can hardly believe that the native of Cologne survived this accident. During her journey through Namibia Jil Eileen Fünling experienced an absolute horror moment. Another vehicle overtook a car and crashed head-on into the travel influencer’s car at 120 km/h. The 27-year-old was incredibly lucky in misfortune.

“I’m just more than grateful to be able to live at all, because that’s a miracle for everyone,” writes Füngeling on Instagram.

“The language still gets stuck in my throat, I’m crying and I don’t understand it all. My face is completely smashed and I have a lot of deep cuts, my lip is divided into four parts. I have several broken vertebrae, my pelvis has broken twice, both my wrists are broken, some of my ribs and my right shoulder blade as well. And along with all the bruising and bruising, it also completely shattered my foot.”

“Don’t lose my positivity anytime soon”

The young woman was flown back to Germany on Wednesday. But she will probably have to spend the next eight weeks in the hospital, she writes: “But I can do it and I won’t lose my positivity that quickly,” says Füngeling combatively.

Because of the many messages after her bad accident, she is just grateful – also for her family and friends who take care of her, so the 27-year-old. Also in the comment column under the shocking posting, the recovery wishes from fans and colleagues are piling up, which we are happy to join at this point.

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