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Fatal end to a risky test of courage in Germany: three bikers died after colliding with each other.

According to the German “Bild”, 50 bikers from several German federal states met on Saturday for a photo shoot at a former military airfield near Brandenburg. But three of them also wanted to use the meeting for a fatal test of courage. While the other motorcycle fans were taking photos, a biker (46) from Wittstock with his Kawasaki and a 47-year-old with his Yamaha from Haldensleben (Saxony-Anhalt) and his passenger (35) from Norderstedt (District Segeberg) in Schleswig- Holstein, who used a runway several hundred meters long for their fateful game.

The name of the fatal test of courage: “scared rabbit”. Locals report to the German medium that the game was often played by bikers on the former airfield. Local residents report that two bikers are driving towards each other. According to the German medium, whoever avoids it first is the loser.

The police are investigating at the scene of the accident.nonstop news

“The bikers raced head-on at each other at high speed and collided sideways,” said a police spokeswoman to “Bild”. The force of the impact was so violent that various parts were torn off, and the men and machines were thrown meters away. A loud bang was then heard.

Expert is now investigating

According to the report, there are no eyewitnesses. In the past, however, the tests of courage are said to have been filmed again and again, it is said. Investigators currently have no footage of the accident.

Any help came too late for the three victims. They succumbed to their serious injuries on the airfield. The police and an accident expert are now entrusted with the investigation.

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