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As of September 21, 2022, 7:28 p.m., the price of the Torex Gold share on the home market of Toronto was CAD 9.28. The paper belongs to the “Gold” branch.

Our team of analysts analyzed Torex Gold based on this market valuation. A total of 7 factors lead to the individual assessments as “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell”. From this, an overall assessment is determined in the last step.

1. Fundamental: The P/E (price-earnings ratio) is currently 6.06 and at 94 percent is below the industry average (metals and mining industry) of 95.76. From today’s perspective, the share is therefore undervalued. Therefore, Torex Gold receives a “Buy” rating at this level.

2. Technical Analysis: The average closing price for the Torex Gold share over the last 200 trading days was CAD 12.68. The closing price on the last trading day was CAD 9.28 (-26.81 percent difference) and we therefore assign a “Sell” rating from a technical point of view. In addition to the 200-day moving average, the 50-day moving average is also often analyzed as part of the chart technique. For this one (9.82 CAD), the last close price is also below the moving average (-5.5 percent deviation). The Torex Gold share is therefore also given a “sell” rating on this short-term basis. Overall, Torex Gold receives a “Sell” rating for the simple chart technique.

3. Relative Strength Index: Based on the Relative Strength Index, Torex Gold stock is a hold stock. The index measures the ups and downs of different periods (RSI7 for seven days, RSI25 for 25 days) and assigns them a number between 0 and 100. The Torex Gold stock has an RSI7 reading of 55.96 which has a “Hold” rating and an RSI25 reading of 62.41 which has a “Hold” rating for the period conditional. This results in the overall ranking “Hold” at the level of the Relative Strength Indicator.

Buy, Hold or Sell Torex Gold?

How will Torex Gold develop now? Is an entry worthwhile or should investors rather sell? Find out the answers to these questions and why you need to act now in the current Torex Gold analysis.

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