Accommodation urgently needed: Refugees pose great challenges to the communities of Ortenau – Lahr

Accommodation urgently needed: Refugees pose great challenges to the communities of Ortenau – Lahr
Accommodation urgently needed: Refugees pose great challenges to the communities of Ortenau – Lahr

View of downtown Lahr: The administration is appealing to property owners to provide free living space for refugees. Photo: Bildstein

View of downtown Lahr: The administration is appealing to property owners to provide free living space for refugees. Photo: Bildstein

By the end of the year, around 850 refugees still have to find accommodation in Ortenau. This presents the municipalities with major challenges. Private landlords in particular could and should help.

Ortenau – Will the Ukraine refugees soon have to be housed in gymnasiums? Michael Loritz, the head of department responsible for refugee issues in the district office, believes that this is likely, as reported. Our editorial team asked the municipalities.

lahr: There are currently 677 Ukrainian refugees registered in the city. “Due to the complex procedures, the immigration authorities are reaching the limits of their capacity,” says press spokesman Nicolas Scherger. The city is therefore calling for unused housing to be made available for refugees. Things are also getting tight at daycare centers, schools, language and integration courses. It is said that one is dependent on the support of volunteers, church and charitable organizations as well as private individuals. Most of the refugees have so far found private accommodation. But there will be more.

“The influx of January 2016 has almost been reached,” said Scherger, referring to the last major wave of refugees so far. In addition to the Ukrainian refugees, there is also an increased influx of unaccompanied minor refugees, mainly from Afghanistan and Turkey. There are currently 110 places for follow-up accommodation in Lahr, which are almost completely occupied. That is why refugees should move to the Ortenauhalle.

Ettenheim: “The current situation is very serious, but can still be managed at the moment,” says press spokeswoman Heike Schillinger. From previous years, 151 refugees are still registered in Ettenheim. Another 183 were accepted this year, including 152 from Ukraine. Without the private accommodation, “it would not have been possible to take in the large number of refugees in Ettenheim,” says Schillinger. According to the district office, the baroque city has to accommodate at least 16 refugees by the end of the year – then probably in city apartments, according to Schillinger. A hall occupancy is not planned.

Rust: “By taking in 312 refugees, the municipality of Rust has fulfilled its quota,” reports spokesman Mirko Masen. No more refugees will be accepted until the end of the year. 120 refugees are housed in containers, the rest have moved to community shelters or are living with private individuals. There is no accommodation in gyms in Rust. Many refugees – especially in private accommodation – are looking for accommodation.

Neuried: According to the municipality, 143 Ukrainian refugees and 174 refugees from other countries are currently living in Neuried. The community is concerned about the admission quotas: “They are constantly increasing, especially for Ukrainian refugees,” explains Simone Labiche, head of the main office. The quota for Ukrainian refugees has already been exceeded: Actually, only 102 should be taken in. But you still have to accommodate 14 refugees from other countries. According to Labiche, these will be accommodated in the old school in Dundenheim. “The rented room has been swept clean.” A container or hall accommodation is not planned. They have a Ukrainian translator, paid by the municipality, and an integration manager, both part-time.

That’s why Labiche would like the federal and state governments to provide “financial help for administrative tasks”.Seelbach: According to the municipal administration, 45 refugees from Ukraine have been accommodated, mostly in private homes, but also in church buildings. In the past few years, 45 refugees have been admitted to Seelbach. 33 are housed in municipal buildings and 12 in private homes. You can be heard from the town hall that they are very well integrated. It is unclear how many refugees will come by the end of the year.

Schwanau: “The current situation is quite stressful. We are preparing as best we can, but we don’t know exactly what dimensions we have to prepare for in the end,” the community said. Schwanau accommodates around 60 Ukrainian and 16 other refugees. The admission quota for this year has not yet been fulfilled. Most of the Ukrainian refugees have found private accommodation.

The municipality has reached the limit of capacity, so other solutions are needed: “The municipal council made a decision to rent residential containers as early as April,” it says.

Friesenheim: According to the administration, 64 refugees are currently being accommodated in community-owned accommodation, eight of them Ukrainians. 143 others live in private accommodation. According to the allocation quota, twelve more Ukrainian refugees must be admitted by the end of the year. “Accommodation in halls is definitely not planned, as there is sufficient capacity in the municipal accommodation,” the municipality gave the all-clear.

Different rules apply to Ukrainians:

An increasing problem is that many refugees from Ukraine are moving from the responsibility of the district to that of the municipality – the so-called follow-up accommodation. Different regulations apply to Ukrainians than to “normal” refugees. The latter have to stay in temporary accommodation for two years, while Ukrainians spend a maximum of six months there.

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