Sandra’s menu completely surprises her guests

Until recently, Sandra lived in the USA with her two sons. Both are meat eaters and are fed accordingly by their vegetarian mother: “I’m actually used to cooking meat.” The guests on day four of “The Perfect Dinner” in Baden-Baden don’t know that yet. On top of that, Sandra is daring to try a new dish today: “My nemesis is the parrot fish, which I have never prepared in my life. So I’m taking all the risks tonight.” With their menu, “a touch of Mexico” should end up on the plates:

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  • Appetizer: Fruity start with a crispy corner
  • Main course: Spicy sea creatures meet creamy puree / legumes and the “great tuber”
  • Dessert: Sweet trilogy with a little spiciness

“Mexican is actually the kitchen, which I miss a bit here,” Sandra explains her motto. “I’ll try not to make it too spicy,” she promises as she seasons the sauces.

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The question of the evening: vegetarian or not?

Meanwhile, the guests are puzzling: “Will she make it vegetarian?” Alexander (53) almost expects a meat dish. “I would think that would be really courageous if she did that,” says Johanna (39). Lars (34) was the first to discover the sea creatures on the map: “I’m flabbergasted!” Oliver (53) also: “Now I’m surprised! Completely!”

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The aperitif: clear, tequila, in the form of a margarita. “That touch of Mexico. You really had the feeling that it all started with the aperitif,” Lars feels fully taken care of. Then Sandra brings the quesadilla corner with grilled chicken and avocado mango salad. “Well, I wasn’t expecting a chicken,” Johanna pays tribute to Sandra’s courage. “She knocks you out,” Oliver is flattened by the hostess. “Great, sensational,” praises Alexander. “To me, the most compelling composition of all the appetizers was today’s.”

Johanna’s impression: “Tendency to overwhelm my taste buds”

The main course: parrotfish, black beans in mole sauce, corn puree, and extra jalapeños for those who dare. “The highlight of the main course was actually this corn puree,” Johanna loves the creamy side dish. “For me, the mole sauce was the star on the plate,” says Lars, another favorite. “I would have loved to have spooned that out.” Sandra digs deeper: “How’s the fish?” Yes, it tastes good too, just a bit too dry for Oliver. Johanna’s overall impression: “For me, the main course really tended to overwhelm my taste buds because I could taste so many different flavors.”

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It continues with frozen margarita pie with a salty pretzel base, fruit salad and baked tortillas with hot chocolate sauce. “Again a surprise”, says Oliver looking forward to unexpected pleasures. “She delivered 100 percent. Chapeau, Sandra. Well done.” Alexander is also perfectly happy: “It’s a poem!”

His summary of the evening: “For me it was the perfect dinner because it took me into a completely different culinary world, all courses were consistent, each one was excellently prepared and the hostess looked after us perfectly.” With 35 points, Sandra draws level with Johanna in first place.


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