Ricardo Receives $20.2M Contract to Supply Additional ABS/ESC Retrofit Kits to US Army

Ricardo Receives $20.2M Contract to Supply Additional ABS/ESC Retrofit Kits to US Army
Ricardo Receives $20.2M Contract to Supply Additional ABS/ESC Retrofit Kits to US Army

Ricardo provides US Army with retrofit kits to improve operational safety of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (Photo: Business Wire)

Prior to this order, Ricardo had already supplied over 11,000 ABS/ESC systems for the US Army’s HMMWVs known as “Humvees”. The award of this contract will improve the safety of the vehicles in the HMMWV fleet in use. In 2019, the US Army placed Ricardo’s ABS/ESC retrofit kit in the national inventory system for retrofitting to vehicles manufactured prior to 2019 that are scheduled to remain in the Army’s “permanent fleet” through 2040.

Chet Gryczan, President of Ricardo Defense, commented, “The US Army has demonstrated its commitment to the safety of its soldiers with this multi-million dollar investment to upgrade the operational vehicles of its enduring HMMWV fleet. This latest order shows Ricardo’s ability to solve difficult challenges for existing systems that require a future-oriented integrated solution. The successful deployment of Ricardo’s safety-critical ABS/ESC system aligns with our core values ​​of sustainable, safe and intelligent mobility and represents that soldier and operator safety is paramount in any type of training and deployment. We are very proud to support the U.S. Army in making soldier safety their top priority on every deployment.”

The ABS/ESC retrofit system developed by Ricardo comprises a complete solution with anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, active roll-over protection, traction control and improved brake calipers, pads and discs integrated into the HMMWV architecture. The Ricardo system also introduces a crash-resistant steering column and a modern electronic network into the vehicle, and uses cost-effective, proven components that have been specially developed for the rigors of military use. From the outset, Ricardo designed the system to be easily retrofitted into the existing fleet, minimizing the life cycle cost of the HMMWV to the US taxpayer.


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