Child (3) is hit by a car and critically injured

Child (3) is hit by a car and critically injured
Child (3) is hit by a car and critically injured

Serious accident in Breitengüßbach – girl (3) falls under the car: In the Bamberg district on Thursday afternoon (September 22, 2022) it is a serious traffic accident came. At the intersection between Bamberger Strasse and Bachgasse, a three-year-old child was hit by a car and then trapped.

The accident happened on Thursday around 4:20 p.m., said a spokesman for the Bamberg-Land police inspection on request. The affected toddler is therefore a three year old girl (at first a boy was mentioned). The three-year-old retired life-threatening injuries to and was with the rescue helicopter taken to a hospital.

Breitengüßbach: Three-year-old suffers life-threatening injuries in an accident with a Mercedes

“The girl was accompanied by his mother on foot on the sidewalk,” reported Stephan Zauzig, head of the police department at the Bamberg-Land police station, on Thursday evening in an interview “The child is near a junction suddenly ran away.” The three-year-old ran on the road, on which a 65-year-old was about to turn with her Mercedes B-Class. In the confluence was the girl caught by the car.

“The kid fell into this among the cars“Zauzig describes the situation on site. It is still unclear whether the three-year-old was run over by the wheels. “The child was there for a short time trapped“, reports the policeman. “The accident car was jacked up with a jack.” The girl could then be freed, but carried most serious injuries by himself. “On site, the doctors came to the conclusion that Danger to life for the child exists”, states the head of the police department in Bamberg-Land.

Accompanied by his mother, the accident victim was flown to a hospital in a rescue helicopter. According to the current state of knowledge, the 65-year-old Mercedes driver was not injured.

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