Markus Lanz today: Guests, topics and time of the show today on Thursday – Panorama

Markus Lanz today: Guests, topics and time of the show today on Thursday – Panorama
Markus Lanz today: Guests, topics and time of the show today on Thursday – Panorama

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – many TV viewers look forward to these days. Then in the evening Markus Lanz talks on . Today again at 11:15 p.m.

Markus Lanz is on the air as usual for the first time this week today, Thursday 22 September. Today Markus Lanz talks at his usual time of 11:15 p.m.

In yesterday’s broadcast, Markus Lanz welcomed the Federal Foreign Minister, among others Annalena Bärbock. Did you miss the show? Here you can watch “Markus Lanz” from last Wednesday in the ZDF media library. Read more about Russia’s war against Ukraine in the news blog of the Allgäuer Zeitung.

Here you will find all important information about guests, topic, broadcasting time and repetition in the ZDF media library.

Markus Lanz today: guests and topic on Thursday, September 22, 2022

  • Franziska Giffey, politician: The Governing Mayor of Berlin ( SPD) comments on the consequences of high inflation and measures to cushion it socially, as well as on the security of energy supply in their city
  • Hajo Schumacher, publicist: The Berlin-based columnist analyzes Giffey’s work as head of a red-red-green state alliance and the federal government’s current crisis management.
  • Lamia Messari-Becker, civil engineer: The professor of building technology talks about Germany’s energy consumption, the importance of electricity for the economy and society, and the scenario of a blackout.
  • Stephan Grünewald, Psychologist: With a view to the war in Ukraine and its far-reaching consequences for the German population, he talks about the psyche and fears of people in times of crisis.

Markus Lanz Time: When is the show today?

Today, Thursday, September 22, Markus Lanz starts at 11:15 p.m. as stated in the program guides. Directly after Maybrit Illner. Today she and her guests are dedicating themselves to this topic: “The war is escalating – how dangerous is Putin’s weakness?”.

As usual, Markus Lanz has 75 minutes for his guests today. The Lanz talk show ends at 0.30 a.m. that night.

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ZDF program tonight

Markus Lanz is back today after a day’s break

ZDF broadcasts Markus Lanz three times a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Is Lanz live or recorded?

The award-winning talk show by Markus Lanz and his guests is not live, but is usually recorded hours in advance on the day of the broadcast in the Lanz studio in Hamburg. Due to the high topicality of the topics, viewers usually do not notice any difference to a live broadcast. Occasionally, Lanz also records two programs in a row.

Markus Lanz Mediathek: When will the show be repeated in the stream?

Did you miss Markus Lanz’s talk show yesterday? In the repetition in the ZDF media library, the show by Markus Lanz and his guests can be watched free of charge after the broadcast on ZDF from 1 a.m. in the stream.

How long has Markus Lanz been on ZDF?

Markus Lanz’s talk show has had its place in the ZDF program since 2008. Lanz was on the air 141 times last year. Markus Lanz reached an average of 1.96 million viewers per talk show in 2021. The Lanz programs on ZDF will also be extremely successful in 2022 – especially since they repeatedly make headlines through statements from the guests.

In the spring of 2022, the talk show “Markus Lanz” finally said goodbye to the concept with an audience in the studio after the Corona forced break. “We will no longer have a studio audience,” said the producer and editor-in-chief of the talk format. The reason he gave was that without an audience, the conversation between the moderator and the guests had improved significantly.

Markus Lanz has been married to his wife Angela Gessmann for a long time. The couple have two children.

Image: Patrick Seeger, dpa (archive)

Portrait of Markus Lanz – Age, nationality and podcast: This is the moderator

Markus Lanz is in a family of mountain farmers South-Tirol grew up. He was born on March 16, 1969. He has long since arrived in the ranks of those talk stars whose name alone stands for a certain art of questioning. In his ZDF program he achieves good ratings – but always offers other highlights – for example documentaries about Russia, from the USA or from Israel. “What we do in the studio is just craftsmanship. Someone says something and I try to confirm it or argue against it,” he once said of himself in an interview.

Markus Lanz is not only a popular moderator, he also works as a photographer and author. In 2007 he published a biography of Horst Lichter, then a TV chef and now successful with “Bares for Rares”. In 2011 his first photo book “Greenland: My Journeys to the End of the World” was published. Lanz has been talking regularly with the philosopher and writer Richard David Precht about socially and politically relevant topics in the “Lanz & Precht” podcast for some time.

Markus Lanz was with RTL presenter Birgit Schrowange from the Sauerland town of Nehden (NRW) until 2006. For eight years they were considered the dream couple of the German TV scene. They have a son who is now of legal age. In 2011, Lanz married Angela Gessmann. Two daughters were born in this marriage in 2014 and 2018. Lanz lives in Hamburg.

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