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Lisa Angermann from Leipzig won season 5 of “The Taste”. The anniversary season of the Sat.1 cooking show is now starting. © Benedikt Müller/Sat.1

Small spoons, great victories – big change: Around 270 amateur and professional chefs have applied to “The Taste” since 2013. Season 10 of the Sat.1 cooking show is now starting. Read here what the previous nine winners are doing today.

Fulda/Munich – Whether it’s cooking training instead of studying psychology, own restaurant instead of a flower shop, jury member with her own Michelin star instead of a candidate – for the winners of the first nine seasons of “The Taste” after participating in the Sat.1- Cooking show changed a lot.

The Taste (Sat.1): That’s what the previous winners are doing today

Anyone who wins the final of “The Taste” gets 50,000 euros and can publish their own cookbook. The anniversary season starts on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on Sat.1. The last, ninth episode of “The Taste” – the finale of the anniversary season – airs on Wednesday, November 16th.

Maximilian von Bredow from Fulda was one of the guests at “The Taste”. Bredow cooked his way to the final of the Sat.1 show in 2019. In 2020, Lea Stier celebrated successes with “The Taste” – she also comes from Fulda. Read here what the previous nine winners are doing today.

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Years) Since 2013
manufacturing company Redseven Entertainment GmbH
broadcast cycle weekly
Jury cast Frank Rosin, Alexander Herrmann, Tim Raue, and Alexander Kumptner
moderator Angelina Kirsch
location Bavaria Studios Munich

Season 9 – Paula Bründl (23): From psychology studies to cooking training: hobby cook Paula Bründl wins season 9 in 2021 with cod on pea puree with misomayo, radish pickles, ponzu sauce and sweet and salty pistachios – and starts a new life immediately afterwards. The youngest winner of all time decides to train as a cook after her studies.

The Viennese works in a small, family-run business in Upper Austria. Paula intends to invest all of her prize money in her cooking training. She has been dreaming of a career as a professional chef for a long time, but the unexpected victory in Tim Raue’s team and the positive response from German star chefs finally gave Paula the necessary push. Would Paula do it again? “Definitely!”

Season 8 – Lars Fumic (43): The whirlwind wins the eighth season “The Taste” in Alexander Kumptner’s team. Today, as a private facility and household manager, he takes care of luxury properties in Switzerland and abroad. But the culinary art also plays an important role in his life. Incidentally, he markets his own product line under the name “jung & alt” with spices, gin, wine, granola and much more.

Season 7 – Marko Ullrich (39): The chef with body and soul wins the seventh season together with coach Alexander Herrmann. He has always been head chef at the “Kochtempel” restaurant in Stauchitz in the district of Meissen in the Free State of Saxony. In his private life, he uses the prize money to fulfill his dream of owning a farm and beekeeping.

Standing still is out of the question for Marko. He would like to open his own ice cream parlor in Stauchitz and use the premises of his private farm to create a cooking school or a healing practice for the areas of spirit, soul and mind. “Maybe both topics can be combined in some way, I’ll have to see about that,” he says.

Season 6 – Gary Loen (60): In front of The Taste is the Amsterdam florist and flower arranger. With a spoonful of duck with plum sauce, Jerusalem artichoke puree and pear pearls, he wins Season 6 in 2018 – and uses the prize money to fulfill a dream together with his life partner Henk: his “Restaurant Gary Loen”.

There are dishes inspired by French and Indonesian cuisine. To this day he combines his two passions and arranges the plates in the restaurant like flower arrangements. Would Gary, who also wins Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal (Kabel Eins) in August 2022, compete again on The Taste? “Yes, absolutely and at any time!”

The Taste 2022 in Sat.1 – these are all broadcast dates

Episode 1 (start) Wednesday, September 21 (8:15 p.m./Sat.1)
Episode 2 Wednesday, September 28 (8:15 p.m./Sat.1)
episode 3 Wednesday, October 5 (8:15 p.m./Sat.1)
Episode 4 Wednesday, October 12 (8:15 p.m./Sat.1)
episode 5 Wednesday, October 19 (8:15 p.m./Sat.1)
episode 6 Wednesday, October 26 (8:15 p.m./Sat.1)
episode 7 Wednesday, November 2 (8:15 p.m./Sat.1)
episode 8 Wednesday, November 9 (8:15 p.m./Sat.1)
Episode 9 (finale) Wednesday, November 16 (8:15 p.m./Sat.1)

Season 5 – Lisa Angermann (31): In the finale, the professional chef seduces with duck breast with pointed cabbage, raspberries and balsamic vinegar and is the winner of the fifth season of “The Taste”. A year later, she and her husband Andreas Reinke fulfilled their dream of opening their own restaurant in Leipzig: “FRIEDA” was awarded a Michelin star in 2021, followed by a green star for sustainability in 2022.

In the 2021 “The Taste” finale, as a guest judge, she tastes and evaluates the creations of the candidates. “I will remember being part of The Taste family for the rest of my life,” says Lisa Angermann. She writes cookbooks and travels throughout Germany as a cook and speaker for projects and kitchen parties.

Season 4 – Marco Zingone (53): The North Rhine-Westphalian achieved a commanding victory in the fourth season in Alexander Herrmann’s team. In the final evaluation, he cleared all four golden stars from the jury. Six years later, Marco runs the gastronomy at the Golfclub Mühlheim an der Ruhr and has his own product line consisting of sauces and soups.

In addition, the restaurateur and entrepreneur, together with other “The Taste” candidates, forms the “Spoon Gang”, which creates “spoon menus” together. The filigree cooking for the spoon shapes and influences his professional expertise to this day, and he is also happy to pass on this know-how in cooking courses.

Season 3 – Kristof Mulack (38): A new life starts for the former insurance salesman with his victory in the third season in the team of coach Tim Mälzer. As an autodidact, he takes with him from “The Taste” “how important the balance of sweetness, acidity and saltiness is in order to create a well-rounded taste profile”.

“The Taste” (Sat.1): Hobby cook Felicitas Then won the first season in the Tim Mälzer team

The Berliner is still in front of the camera and again secures first place in 2021 in the Kabel Eins show “Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal”. The next goal: your own cooking show. He currently works as a restaurateur, event caterer, consultant and concept developer in the field of gastronomy.

Season 2 – Jan Aigner (38): The Austrian wins in the second season with coach Alexander Herrmann’s team – the beginning of a steep career. Jan and his girlfriend Andrea have been successfully running a restaurant in Slovenia for years before they both moved back home a few years ago.

There he is the head chef of the restaurant “echt – JAN AIGNER” and stands for culinary creations with an aha effect. The “The Taste” spoon is a fixed component there – it is used every day for finger food or for a greeting from the kitchen. The restaurateur and catering chef lives in Gleisdorf in eastern Styria in Austria.

Video: “The Taste” presenter Angelina Kirsch – this is how the curvy model shows up online

Season 1: Felicitas Then (35): The amateur cook won the first season in Team Tim Mälzer. Afterwards she can be seen in many other TV formats, including her own cooking report – for her the fulfillment of a big dream. Today she successfully runs her own online shop.

There she sells for knives, spices and drinks. The Berliner is also the proud author of several cookbooks. The entrepreneur also shares her passion for cooking, which has been going on for years, in “The Taste” premiere winner on her YouTube channel, which revolves around the topics of food and travel.

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