Patient lawyer is now examining the cause “Spital Krems” carefully – Lower Austria

Patient advocate Gerald Bachinger now wants to check carefully whether there were any incidents while the doctor was working in the Krems hospital.

Starting next week, the Lower Austrian patient attorney’s office will examine the case involving a doctor in the Krems state hospital. “Of course we’re very pleased that we’re involved. We’ll take the time (Note: March 1, 2021 to September 21, 2022) in which the doctor in Krems worked as an anesthetist,” said Gerald Bachinger on Thursday “Today”. There has already been initial contact with the Lower Austria State Health Agency Manager, Konrad Kogler.

Senior Physician and Teacher

Looking back: The physician had a classic storybook career, was considered to be a multi-talent and also a person of trust in the fire brigade and rescue services. In January 2021, the suspicion of abuse against the ex-firefighter doctor, ex-AKH doctor and ex-youth leader emerged. “Today” was the first medium to report about it back then (January 15, 2021) – more about it here. The Vienna General Hospital and the accused doctor went their separate ways from then on, the doctor successfully applied to the Krems State Hospital as a senior doctor in anesthesia. On March 1, 2021, he started working in Krems and taught young female students at a private university (until May 12, 2022, see statement by the private university below, note.).

In December 2021, the young doctor with a steep career had to be in the dock in Korneuburg. The man in his mid-thirties made a confession and was sentenced to three years in prison for the sexual abuse of minors and defenseless people – more on that here. But the doctor’s lawyer filed a nullity complaint and appealed, the verdict was therefore not final, the doctor still had a clean record and the presumption of innocence still applied.

“Mail ignored”

The hospital management in Krems was already in early May 2022 – everything about it here. “It’s unbelievable that this email and warning were simply ignored,” said an insider close to the university.

2 bosses suspended

The state health agency (LGA) Lower Austria finally reacted unusually harshly on Thursday: “On Monday, September 19, the headquarters of the Lower Austria LGA found out about the allegations against the doctor in question. He was then immediately relieved of his duties. After extensive internal research, this was Employment ended on Thursday and it was determined that the UK Krems did not pass on information about this cause to the head office of the LGA. This matter is currently being clarified, and we are trying to involve the patient advocates. Until the results are available, the Those responsible are released from duty,” said a spokeswoman for the state health agency on Thursday. In other words: Both the commercial and the medical director of the LK Krems were suspended.

That says private university

The accused doctor also worked at a private university, and a spokeswoman for Landsteiner University made it clear on Thursday afternoon: “On May 4, 2022, Karl Landsteiner Private University did not receive an email about the current cause and therefore no links to relevant reporting. The course management Human medicine was first informed about the case by email on May 5, 2022. The facts were analyzed internally in coordination with the Rectorate, the doctor concerned last taught for the university on May 12, 2022 and has not been since taken into account in teaching. Together with a representative of the contact point for equal opportunities, a meeting was held with the student representatives on June 23, 2022. The university is not aware of any incidents from clinical teaching to date. The case will be handed over to the ombudsman for students for investigation. It is incorrect to claim that the doctor concerned was listed as a lecturer until yesterday, nor is it true that a letter was sent to all students in the course of the current media inquiry. Both claims do not correspond to the facts. For the Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences, it is a top priority that the students find a safe and protected environment in their education. Every report of an assault is followed up immediately by the university management and dealt with by the relevant committees and ombudsman offices. It is a central concern of the university to counteract any form of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability, to advise and support students and employees of the KL in these matters and to prevent such incidents in the future.”

“Nothing has happened”

An insider largely contradicts this: “The mail was sent to the office of the private university on May 4th, that’s even verifiable. In truth, everything was swept under the table. The conversation took place on June 23rd, that’s correct, but that was it It’s again. The Vice Director had four months to act and nothing happened. And if, as I said so bluntly, the safety of the students, diversity, etc. were so important, there would have been enough time to act. “

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