All masks from season 7 at a glance

All new masks at a glance

Each season of “The Masked Singer” brings new, incomparable masks. Sometimes they are brightly colored and cuddly, sometimes big and menacing. But every costume is always made with great attention to detail and brought to life by a celebrity.

Here is an overview of all masks from Season 7:

A mysterious new mask

© ProSieben

Not much is known about the fourth mask in the group. She now reveals herself, you can only look at her silhouette. Can you use the hidden clues to find out what the new mysterious mask could look like?

No name

© ProSieben/Willi Weber

No Name was designed by a mad scientist to help him and have a friend. But one day the professor suddenly disappeared and No Name was left alone. He decided to leave home and explore the world. In search of new friends and his own identity, he ended up on “The Masked Singer”.

The costume was made in approximately 800 hours and has many accessories that pose an additional challenge for the celebrity to perform.

The walrus

© ProSieben/Willi Weber

Waltraut the walrus puts her in a good mood wherever she is. She actually works as a cashier in a supermarket. A customer filmed her because of her funny sayings and entertainment talent. As a result, she became famous overnight and now she wants to spread even more fun in the world. The MaskedSinger stage is just the place to do it.

The costume for the walrus took about 600 hours of work. It was particularly difficult to model the body shape perfectly.

The broccoli

© ProSieben/Willi Weber

Broccoli is bursting with energy, ambition and vitamins. He wants to step out of the box into the limelight and, together with some vegetable buddies, promote healthy self-sufficiency.

It took about 300 hours to make the broccoli costume using numerous sequined fabrics to make it look as real as possible. Scrumptious!

That was not all! The rest of the masks will be announced soon. You will find all information here.

You can see who is hiding under the masks from October 1, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben and on Joyn.

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