Million Dollar Babies: Hilary Swank pregnant for the first time at 48 – they will be twins!

Baby surprise at Hilary Swank (48)! As befits a two-time Oscar winner, she’s having not one, but two babies.

Los Angeles (USA) – Baby surprise at Hilary Swank (48)! As befits a two-time Oscar winner, she has not just one, but two children: the actress is expecting twins! After expressing her desire to have children years ago, she is now pregnant for the first time at the age of 48.

Actress Hilary Swank (48) was expecting twins. © Photomontage: Screenshot/Instagram/ hilaryswank, AFP/Ammar Abd Rabbo

With her Oscars as best actress for “Boys Don’t Cry” (2000) and “Million Dollar Baby” (2005) she celebrated her professional highlights, privately her perhaps greatest moment of happiness is imminent many years later.

As the American revealed on the TV show “Good Morning America” ​​on Wednesday, she is pregnant with twins. “I’m going to be a mother – and not just of one [Baby]but by two,” Swank said. “I can’t believe it.”

It’s so nice to finally be able to talk about the good news and share it with the world. The actress also made it official on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon.

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“Coming soon…DOUBLE feature!” read her profile. In addition, she posted a reel in which she can be seen in several pictures presenting her (still very small) baby bump to the camera.

The happy surprise caused enthusiasm among her fans and colleagues. Within minutes, hundreds commented on the series of pictures with hearty congratulations.

Swank had made no secret of wanting children in the past. However, she always liked the right man by her side.

But that’s different now: in 2018 she married entrepreneur Philip Schneider – four years later, the two are now expecting children for the first time.

But the “Million Dollar Baby” has not yet revealed when exactly it will be and whether they are expecting boys or girls (or maybe even both).

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