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For days, the Dutch royals have been concerned about the safety of the 18-year-old, who has been targeted by the mafia. Now there is house arrest.

The eldest daughter of King Willem-Alexander, Princess Catharina-Amalia (18), is said to have been targeted by the notorious “Mocro Maffia”. This was reported by the Dutch newspaper “Telegraf” a few days ago. The public prosecutor and the police are very concerned about the safety of the crown princess. There is also great concern within the royal family – especially with Queen Maxima and the monarch.

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The royal security service and the responsible security organizations have therefore advised the 18-year-old to leave their student residence in Amsterdam as soon as possible. She actually only received this for her studies at the beginning of September. Amalia meanwhile fled to her parents in the royal palace Huis Ten Bosch in The Hague, but even behind the royal walls carelessness is unthinkable.

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Amalia is not allowed to leave the palace

The Crown Princess is currently not allowed to leave the palace, not even for leisure activities. It would be far too dangerous and too risky. Official appointments are also not on the royal agenda for Amalia, at least until the end of October, as can be seen on the palace website. The safety of the royals is the top priority of the protocol. Understandably, there have been several cases in the past in which royals were in danger. In the British royal family in particular, the list of cases is long.

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In 1974, for example, a man tried to kidnap Princess Anne, the only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth. The 72-year-old narrowly escaped the situation. Scotland Yard also had a kidnapping report for Prince George (9), the eldest son of (40) and Princess Kate (40). Bad things could be prevented.

The situation is serious

It is still unclear when the heir to the Dutch throne will be able to continue her studies at the Faculty of Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics at the University of Amsterdam locally. According to the Daily Mail, she can currently continue studying remotely.

The situation is potentially very serious. This is shown by the murder of investigative journalist Peter de Vries in July last year, which is also believed to have been linked to the “Mocro Maffia”. The journalist was gunned down in the street in the Dutch capital and died.

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