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Kim de l’Horizon was awarded the German Book Prize 2022 for the novel “Blutbuch” in Frankfurt on Monday, which is endowed with 25,000 euros.

According to the jury’s statement, a non-binary person is searching for his own language with enormous energy in the novel. Kim de l’Horizon is the first non-binary person to receive this award.

Inspired by fairy tales, the novel “Blutbuch” is a questioning of childhood realized in close-ups, which the narrator Kim, who has meanwhile grown up and lives openly queer, undertakes in the first part of “Blutbuch”. The reason for writing is the onset of dementia in the “Grossmeer” (grandmother).

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Kim de l’Horizon impresses with linguistic extravagance and dramatic sovereignty in the novel that won the German Book Prize. more

Kim de l’Horizon from Switzerland is the winner

Alexander Solloch from the NDR Kultur-Literaturredaktion is satisfied with the choice: “It’s an excellent choice! The jury – after they had already put together a very good shortlist – could hardly do anything wrong anyway. Now they have made a very literary decision : Of the six nominated novels, Kim de l’Horizon’s ‘Blood Book’ is the most daring in terms of language, form and drama.”

Out of deep love and at the same time deep distrust of language, Kim de l’Horizon radically tried out what was possible with it; “The text is always easy to read. We can live the way we live – or completely differently. We can be human, spider, hydrangea, man, woman, both or nothing or copper beech – all this and more is shown in this very varied Novel.”

Kim de l’Horizon dedicates award to mothers, grandmothers and women in Iran


Author Kim de l’Horizon in Frankfurt shaves her hair during an acceptance speech at the German Book Prize – out of solidarity with women in Iran.

“I didn’t prepare a speech, I thank my mother,” said Kim de l’Horizon touched, first singing a song and shaving her hair off during a performance. Kim de l’Horizon went on to thank the whole family, “my grandmother, my editor Angela, who made this book bloom, and my agent Meike, who made me bloom too at a very difficult time. I thank all my Friends who supported me during this very difficult time this year. I think the jury also selected this text against hate, for love. For the fight of all people who are oppressed because of their bodies,” continued de l’Horizon and also dedicated the prize to “brave women in Iran”.

These six titles were in the running

  • Fatma Aydemir: “Djinns” (Carl Hanser)
  • Kristine Bilkau: “next door” (Luchterhand)
  • Daniela Dröscher: “Lies about my mother” (Kiepenheuer & Witsch)
  • Jan Factor: “Idiot” (Kiepenheuer & Witsch)
  • Kim de l’Horizon: “Blood Book” (DuMont)
  • Eckhart Nickel: “Spitzweg” (Piper)

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