Schongau: Ultralight helicopter crashed on the Lech

Schongau: Ultralight helicopter crashed on the Lech
Schongau: Ultralight helicopter crashed on the Lech
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Created: 11/10/2022Updated: 11/10/2022 4:54 p.m

Of: Elena Siegl


An ultralight helicopter crashed in Schongau. © Hans-Helmut Herold

Because a helicopter crashed in Schongau, numerous rescue workers were alerted in Schongau on Thursday morning. The pilot was unharmed.

Update from November 10, 4:50 p.m

“An unusual mission, but with a good outcome,” summarizes fire brigade commander Werner Berchtold. The report of an ultralight helicopter crash was received by the integrated control center on Thursday morning, which alerted several emergency services because of the unclear situation. Fire brigades from Schongau, Peiting and Herzogsägmühle moved out in the direction of Dießener Straße, among other things. “The difficulty was that you didn’t know exactly where the accident site was,” says Berchtold. At first it could not be ruled out that the helicopter had crashed into the Lech. The Schongauer Wehr drove off the Lechdamm. You quickly found what you were looking for near the Schützenheim.

The experienced pilot was unharmed in the crash. He was able to free himself from the ultralight helicopter. As reported by the Schongau police, the 60-year-old had started a test flight with a prototype from the glider airfield in Kurzenried. After about ten minutes, at 10.35 a.m., the rotor power of the aircraft failed in the area of ​​the Lech barrage 7 near Peiting due to a technical defect. The Schongauer tried to make an emergency landing using autorotation. He wanted to touch down between Lech and a small forest. “When attempting to brake on the dam, the aircraft landed on the slope of the dam facing away from the Lech, causing the helicopter to tip over onto its side and slide down the slope until it came to a standstill at the foot of the slope, lying on its side,” says the police report.

Fortunately, the ultralight helicopter did not slide into the water on the other side, Berchtold describes. The latter would have made the rescue much more difficult, also because the only way to approach it was by boats.

After it was clear that the scene of the accident, which was difficult to access, was on the Schongauer Flur and that no further help was needed, the Peitingen and Herzogsägmühler firefighters were able to quickly end the operation. The Schongau fire brigade, which came with three vehicles and around 20 volunteers, took care of the spilled fuel. But the amount was limited. A representative of the water management office in Weilheim also looked at the situation on site. A small area of ​​the meadow had to be removed due to possible contamination, according to the police.

The emergency services were also concerned about a so-called propellant charge. In emergencies, a parachute can be triggered, which explodes like an airbag, Berchtold describes it. He checked that with a colleague who had attended a relevant course. The pilot declared that he had no propellant charge. Here, too, the all-clear was quickly given.

The operation was over for the fire brigade after about an hour. An ambulance with a crew and an ambulance were also on site. The police estimate the damage to property at around 100,000 euros.

First report from November 10, 3 p.m

Schongau – An ultralight helicopter crashed in Schongau around 11 a.m. on Thursday. Fire brigades from Schongau, Peiting and Herzogsägmühle were alerted. When the rescue workers arrived at the scene of the accident, near the Schongauer Schützenhaus am Lech, the pilot had already freed himself from the helicopter. He was unharmed.

A detailed report follows.

All police reports from the Weilheim-Schongau region are available in our blue light ticker.

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