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Actually, everyone had already written off the Toyota Prius. But in 2023 he will return to Germany. We estimate the price of the plug-in hybrid vehicle.

When Toyota announced the end of the Toyota Prius in Europe, nobody in this country suspected that it would return in the summer of 2023. At the same time, the manufacturer had launched the big e-offensive and so the pioneer of the hybrid drive was already verbosely buried. 25 years after the unusual wedge in the compact class first gave Hollywood and then the rest of the world a taste for electric driving, the defeat of the short-term electric vehicle against the electric car seemed sealed and his career over. But just as aging rock stars celebrate one farewell tour after the other, the Prius is now back again: The fifth generation was presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles in 2022 and in 2023 it will actually follow suit at an estimated price of around 40,000 euros Europe. But the doyen among alternatively powered cars is not celebrating an ordinary revival, but rather boasts about the reinvention of itself: the Prius revs up a lot and discovers sportiness in the process. The edgy oddball becomes a cool coupé without a lot of frills. You can get over the fact that it is also 4.6 centimeters shorter (4.60 m in length). Finally, in return, the wheelbase increases by 5.0 centimeters to 2.75 meters, so that there should be even more space inside. In addition, the Prius ducks 5.0 centimeters lower, which benefits the drag coefficient and the optics. In width it grows by 2.2 centimeters. In addition, there is a new cockpit in the Toyota Prius (2023) with digital instruments that have been moved far up and a touchscreen that is unusually low compared to the Corolla, for example. Also interesting: Our product tips on Amazon

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Toyota Prius will return to Germany in 2023 as a plug-in hybrid at an unknown price

The new Toyota Prius (2023) is based on the GA-C platform, the second Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), which reduces weight and increases rigidity. The optimized placement of the battery pack and tank ensures a lower center of gravity. According to the manufacturer, this should make the driving experience more active and direct. The fresh, committed and anything but old-fashioned claim of the Generation Five is also manifested under the hood, where Toyota has improved in every discipline. The Japanese build a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with more power, combine it with a more powerful electric motor and feed it all from a larger battery: The result: the Prius has a system output of 223 hp (164 kW). almost twice as powerful as its predecessor and with a battery capacity of 13.6 kWh it comes one and a half times as far: 75 kilometers of range without fuel should therefore be possible for the Prius, which is only available as a plug-in hybrid. And if you not only want to save when driving, but also when charging, we recommend the optional solar roof.

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Thomas Geiger
Thomas Geiger

Our conclusion

It is true that everything is screaming for the pure electric car and Toyota will also give in to this desire on a large scale. In addition, the promotion of plug-in hybrids will be discontinued from 2023. But the partially electric debut was such a big number for the Japanese brand that they didn’t just let it off the stage. Instead, they send the Toyota Prius (2023) through the fountain of youth and push it back into the limelight as an encore.