Husband complains that wife with cancer does not cook – health

Husband complains that wife with cancer does not cook – health
Husband complains that wife with cancer does not cook – health

The husband had wished that his wife would already prepare the meal for him. Instead, she was “just sitting on her butt.”

A California (US) man is being shamed online after he allegedly complained that his wife wouldn’t make him any food while he was out golfing – even though she is currently being treated for cancer. A video on TikTok shows the incident and already has 1.4 million views. “Poor guy had to make his own jalapeños,” reads the caption of the clip, posted by wife Gonda. She suffers from a rare form of skin cancer. In addition, earlier this year she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which she is fighting with regular immunotherapy.

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skin and lung cancer

Although Gonda is battling her illnesses, Gonda’s husband Gerald seems unsympathetic to her plight. The said clip, posted to the couple’s shared @teamdoubleg account, shows Gerald making jalapeño poppers while he complains that his wife didn’t make them for him ahead of time. “I asked you to do that while I was golfing,” Gerald scolds. “And when I got home you were sitting on the couch. So I guess I’ll have to do it myself.”

When asked why making them yourself is a problem, Gonda’s husband says, “Today is Saturday, I understand you’re waiting for the Alabama game. But I want to see the game too, so if you could do it I could have eaten it while I was golfing.” Of course, Gonda doesn’t take her beau’s whining so lightly: “That’s exactly the problem… ‘If I could have done it while you were golfing,’” replies the annoyed wife. “So you expected to play golf all day and then come home and your jalapeño poppers were ready.” “In a dream world, yes. That would have been perfect,” replies Gerald.

“Just sat on my butt”

And just when you think he can’t go any deeper, the man makes these insensitive remarks: “You only sat on your butt today because you had treatment” and puts the word “treatment” in quotation marks. “I’m going to make myself a plate now. And when I’m done, you can’t have one,” he scoffs.

Needless to say, the man’s antics didn’t sit well with other TikTok users. “A grown man whining about how his wife can’t cook him food? While he was golfing and she was having cancer treatment?” “He’s so condescending and mean, I feel so sorry for that woman. I would have thrown that shit on the floor,” explained one angry Twitter user.

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Humor is when you laugh anyway

Clarification at the end: Others, however, suggested it was all just a joke and the truth is that Gerald probably isn’t all that sociopathic when the camera is off. This can also be concluded from the other videos, where Gerald washes dishes and repeatedly swings the wooden spoon. The humor does not seem to have run out for the two despite the difficult situation.

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