After an electricity accident at Munich Central Station: the man is out of danger

After an electricity accident at Munich Central Station: the man is out of danger
After an electricity accident at Munich Central Station: the man is out of danger
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Created: 11/24/2022Updated: 11/24/2022, 12:01 p.m

Of: Jonas Honle


A 23-year-old from Sweden suffered life-threatening injuries in an electricity accident at Munich Central Station. (symbol image) © Federal Police

A tourist gets on a train at Munich Central Station and gets a life-threatening electric shock. There is now an all clear. The backgrounds

Updated November 24th

According to the Munich Federal Police, the 23-year-old, who fell from the roof of the train onto the platform in the main station early Wednesday morning after an electrical flashover, is no longer in mortal danger. In addition, his identity could be fully clarified.

After electric shock at Munich Central Station: Seriously injured out of danger

The treating physicians were able to give the all-clear on the health of the injured Swede on Wednesday afternoon. During the operation that was still necessary in the morning because of the burn injuries, there were no indications of internal injuries.

More detailed investigations are needed to determine whether the man had sustained any fractures. Overall, according to the doctors and patient, “he is doing well given the circumstances”.

23-year-old tourist was very drunk – no memory of the accident at the main station

The 23-year-old Swede is a city tourist with whom federal police investigators were able to speak in the clinic on Thursday morning. As the investigators report, he is said to have been on a bar tour near the main station in the evening.

Because he was heavily intoxicated, he could not remember either the circumstances such as climbing over the fence and climbing onto the roof of the train, or the accident and the fall itself. His plan to travel to Paris tomorrow has to be put on hold for the time being due to further treatment in the hospital.

A suspicion of a criminal offense of disrupting public services has not been substantiated. It was only from the federal police that he found out that he was “very fortunate that he got off so lightly”.

Police warn of the dangers of traction current: no wagon climbing or train surfing

The Federal Police warns of the dangers of traction current. Above all, children, young people and adolescents are warned against climbing wagons and power poles or surfing the train or S-Bahn. Taking selfies or photos in the area of ​​the tracks as well as carelessness and dares in the area of ​​railway systems often end fatally or with very serious injuries.

Prevention instructions are available on the Federal Police website.


The man climbed onto a train at Munich Central Station, where the electricity flashed over. The injured person was later found on Bayerstrasse.

First report: November 23rd

A 23-year-old was critically injured in an electricity accident at Munich Central Station on Wednesday morning. A railway employee found the man with burn injuries on Bayerstrasse.

Electricity accident at Munich Central Station – 23-year-old climbs on the train and is critically injured

The video evaluation by the federal police showed that the slightly swaying man at the Holzkirchner wing station tried to board a train at around 5:50 a.m. However, this was not operational and all doors were therefore locked.

The man then climbed between two wagons and climbed onto the roof for reasons unknown.

According to the federal police, there was a power flashover of the railway overhead line, which was in slumber mode. Accompanied by a loud bang and arcing, the man fell onto the platform, his trouser leg burning.

Loud bang and arc after power flashover – injured person still hobbles to Bayerstrasse

Employees at a nearby train depot noticed the power flashover, but initially could not identify a person and could not assign any facts.

The injured 23-year-old got up shortly afterwards and moved independently along the platform, but fell to the ground several times.

He got up again and again until finally, at around 06:10, he entered the platform area of ​​platform 5, limping badly. There he climbed – despite clearly recognizable injuries to his leg – over an approx. 180 cm high fence and disappeared from the camera area. He had previously used the same route to get to the track area and up to the platform.

A little later, a railway employee met a loudly screaming, seriously injured person in the Bayerstrasse area and set the rescue chain in motion.

Federal police cannot rule out the death of the injured Swede

The 23-year-old Swede, who does not live in Bavaria, was treated by paramedics and taken to a Munich clinic with second-degree burns, where he was operated on in the morning. There is no information about the injuries suffered so far, and according to the federal police, the death of the person cannot be ruled out.

It is not yet known where the Swede came from, why he took the life-threatening path across the tracks to the platform and why he climbed onto the roof of the train. The Federal Police is investigating further data on the identity and whereabouts of the casualty in Munich.

An S-Bahn surfer fell off the roof of a moving train in Munich and suffered serious injuries. The federal police warn of the dangers of such actions.

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