Germany needed the “Salon Simonetti”.

Germany needed the “Salon Simonetti”.
Germany needed the “Salon Simonetti”.
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Created: 11/24/2022, 3:13 p.m

Of: Moritz Post


Entertainer Riccardo Simonetti hosts his first personality show. © WDR/Lennart Speer

The need in television Germany was undoubtedly there. Now it’s finally here: the “Salon Simonetti”!

Frankfurt am Main – In the first and in the WDR, the author and entertainer Riccardo Simonetti (“-Fernsehgarten”, “Who steals the show from me?”) presents a new talk show in which the man from Berchtesgaden appears as a classic moderator. It is good for German talk show hosts.

Simonetti presents the TV audience with a program in which, according to his own statement, “attitude meets entertainment”. The aim is to bring topics to television that Simonetti “would have liked to have seen as a gay boy in the country”. And so the talk in the first episode of “Salon Simonetti” on ARD revolves around the topic “I”. The other episodes will be titled “Love”, “Courage”, “Family”. Topics that have been discussed more and more diversely in the German media landscape in recent years, but which are presented much more frequently by cis-hetero people than by queer people. In the “Salon Simonetti” a room is now opening up to which the host has only invited queer people.

“Salon Simonetti” on ARD: Strong performance by the talk show host

In particular, the talk revolves around the question of existence with an “I” that does not correspond to the self-identification of a majority of heteronormative society and its gender identities and values. In order to shed more light on this, Riccardo Simonetti has invited the comedy icon Thomas Hermanns. Also taking part is Alex Mariah Peter, who was the first trans woman to win the “Germany’s Next Top Model” competition. Hermanns asks: “Is there only one I? Or how many I’s can I be?”

Riccardo Simonetti’s outstanding performance as a talk show host can be measured by the fact that he is able to meet his guests as equals. The host is well-informed, skilfully gives his guests space in the conversation and is never anxious to present himself or to extol his point of view at any moment of his show. Admittedly, his guests don’t give him any reason for that either, since the topic of the evening is not discussed controversially. Simonetti’s performance as moderator is all the more to be appreciated, creating a productive unity between the three protagonists of the “Salon Simonetti”, which, however, does not exhaust itself in mutual adulation, but rather promotes factual depth in the matter and understanding of the topic.

“Salon Simonetti” on ARD makes it easy for viewers

In this way, viewers get authentic insights into the life stories of Thomas Hermanns and Alex Mariah Peter. In particular, Peter’s account of her outings from bisexual to homosexual boy to trans woman is noteworthy. “It’s not meant to be disrespectful that gay men have it easier. For me, however, it felt easier to be a gay boy than a transsexual woman,” says Alex Mariah Peter, emphasizing: “It’s important to me that people understand that it’s not a choice. If I could choose, I would choose to be cis because it’s just easier.” The discussion at the “Salon Simonetti” makes it easy to understand that our society makes it difficult for people to come out as trans.

To the broadcast

Friday, 11/25/22 at 12:30 a.m. in the first. Entertainer Riccardo Simonetti is hosting his first personality show, which combines socially relevant topics and talks with a good portion of entertainment. The show in the ARD media library.

Thomas Hermanns finds an explanation as to why this may be. He emphasizes that there were no trans role models in his time: “There were no gay role models in my generation. And as a trans person there was only Romy Haag. And it was classified as “nightclub” and “exotic”. But the nightclub was from another planet and you didn’t think that the person in the supermarket was standing next to you.” Born in Nuremberg in 1963, he sees a need to catch up in today’s society, even if this has improved significantly in the digital sector: “Even today there are still too few trans role models in the classic German media landscape.”

With the “Salon Simonetti”, ARD and WDR have now created a space for these role models, which oscillates between reflecting on one’s own privileges and the hurdles that exist in our society. The German television audience has had to wait too long for this. (Moritz Post)

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