Hip-Hop-Open Stuttgart 2023: The first big act is confirmed – culture

Hip-Hop-Open Stuttgart 2023: The first big act is confirmed – culture
Hip-Hop-Open Stuttgart 2023: The first big act is confirmed – culture

The Hip-Hop Open will return to Stuttgart in 2023. Photo: Archive/Ines Rudel

Back after an eight-year break: in 2023, the Hip-Hop Open will be back in Stuttgart. One of the headliners that was just announced is on everyone’s lips at the moment.

There are many ways to pass the time in a more meaningful way these days than watching a corrupted sporting event in a strange desert state. The currently most exciting World Cup alternative has been taking place around Stuttgart since Wednesday: The organizers of the Hip-Hop Open announce in a sophisticated announcement dramaturgy which artists will perform at the Festival 2023 in Stuttgart, which is taking place for the first time in eight years.

Enormously entertaining in this spectacle is watching the audience reactions on the boomer network Facebook. So-called hip-hop fans there, with an estimated 723 years of rap experience, complain that previously announced acts such as Schmyt or Badmómzjay are too young or that the so-called experts don’t know them.

Sido one of the headliners at the Hip Hop Open

Those hip-hop veterans may now have peace of mind, because the organizers around Chimperator, 0711 and Goodlive have just announced that Sido will be one of the headliners at the Hip-Hop Open 2023.

After a well-regarded “Spiegel” interview, Sido is currently on everyone’s lips. In the conversation, he reveals that he had a violent crash under the influence of drugs during the pandemic, including a stay in a psychiatric clinic. “Without the stay,” says Sido in the text, “he would not have survived”. Sido’s ninth studio album “Paul” is scheduled to be released on December 9th.

Additional artist announced

In addition to Sido, the organizers announced another act, the Frankfurt rapper Liz, who will play at the Hip-Hop Open in Stuttgart from July 28th to 30th next year. The rest of the line-up is set to be announced tomorrow.

Tickets for the festival can be bought from Friday. Those who currently register for the ticket alert at hiphopopen.de can already get tickets exclusively on Thursday via a presale.

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