Horror find in Cherson: Over 400 dead civilians – Ukraine

Horror find in Cherson: Over 400 dead civilians – Ukraine
Horror find in Cherson: Over 400 dead civilians – Ukraine

More and more Russian torture chambers are discovered in Cherson. Another shocking discovery was made in Cherson: over 400 civilians were killed.

In the recaptured city of Kherson, Ukrainian authorities keep discovering torture chambers set up by Russia – Today reported. Now there was another, horrible find in the southern Ukrainian area.

Investigative teams “found the bodies of 432 civilians who were murdered” in the heavily mined area, Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin announced on television on Thursday.

The two conflicting parties accuse each other of war crimes.

Russia has issued more than 80,000 passports

According to its own information, Russia has already issued more than 80,000 Russian passports to residents of the four Ukrainian regions declared annexed by Moscow. “Since the four regions of the Russian Federation were added, and in accordance with the law, more than 80,000 people have received passports as citizens of the Russian Federation,” according to an Interior Ministry official.

After what appeared to be referenda in the four Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin declared the regions part of Russia. The UN condemned the “attempted illegal annexation” of Ukrainian land and called on the international community “not to recognize any border changes announced by Russia”.

Since the start of Russia’s war of aggression in February, the Kremlin has made it easier for Ukrainians to obtain Russian citizenship. Moscow had already distributed hundreds of thousands of Russian passports in the separatist areas in eastern Ukraine.

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