SC Peckeloh clarifies important personnel issues

SC Peckeloh clarifies important personnel issues
SC Peckeloh clarifies important personnel issues

The Westphalian league football team is setting the course for the coming season. Coach Markus Kleine-Tebbe will then be in his ninth year – and needs a new partner at his side.

Peckeloh. The Westphalian league football club SC Peckeloh answered the most important personnel question shortly before the winter break of several weeks in December: those responsible for the club prematurely extended the contract with head coach Markus Kleine-Tebbe by a further twelve months until the summer of 2024. The 47-year-old, who has been at der Wöste is responsible, will be entering its ninth season next year. But there will be changes in the position of assistant coach. Mike Scollie’s engagement ends next June.

“The decision was not easy for all sides, but in the end it was made by mutual agreement,” says Piet Mannek, the Peckeloher sporting director. The reason was different opinions about the future direction of the association. Neither side went into detail. “It’s a shame how it turned out. But I can live with that. Even if it’s not easy for me to say goodbye because I’ve developed a very close bond with the boys,” says Scollie.

By the end of this season, the 32-year-old wants to “do everything to ensure that we achieve our goals with the team”. At the moment he doesn’t know what will come next. He has already received a few loose inquiries. However, there is nothing concrete to report. “Mike is an excellent trainer who is beyond doubt when it comes to sport,” says Mannek. “After two years in the assistant role, maybe now is the time for him to take on more responsibility.”

An assessment that Kleine-Tebbe shares. “We have worked together excellently for a year and a half so far. I would like him to take the next step now.” Kleine-Tebbe regrets the separation: “I would have liked to have continued with him.”
It is still unclear who will be Scollie’s successor. “We are currently looking for a suitable candidate,” reveals Mannek. He is aware of the difficulty of the task: “Maik has played a major role in the sporting success of the club and the development of the players in recent times. The footsteps are huge.”

Last season he and Kleine-Tebbe led the team to an early relegation with three games to go. In the winter, the team was still in a relegation zone. In February, the deficit to the saving bank was six points. This season, the Peckeloher have been greeting from the top end of the table for several weeks. With 27 points from 13 games, the team is in second place – four points behind the leader and promotion favorite Spvgg Erkenschwick, who was beaten 3-1 on his own facility in October.

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