Ticket prices stable until 2023. SBB wanted to double the price of traction current.

Ticket prices stable until 2023. SBB wanted to double the price of traction current.
Ticket prices stable until 2023. SBB wanted to double the price of traction current.
The federal railways wanted to achieve a significant increase in the price of traction current.

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In August, SBB wanted to make traction current significantly more expensive. As the company reports, this would not have had any impact on ticket prices – these are fixed up to and including 2023.

The federal railways are proud of their own energy efficiency – and also of the fact that “they use 90 percent hydropower – mostly from their own power plants – in the traction current mix”, as it says on their website.

The SBB apparently wanted to resell the valuable self-produced electricity – at twice the price, as reported by “Blick”. As things currently stand, the company can sell its electricity to other railways for 10.5 centimes per kilowatt hour.

In August, however, the company wanted 20.5 centimes for it and therefore demanded an increase of 10 centimes for the next two years.

According to the “Blick”, the trains would have become 10 percent more expensive in this case. The price monitor Stefan Meierhans is also “clear that a strong increase will affect the wallets of passengers and transport companies. Even the SBB admit that.”

Correction by the SBB: Ticket prices remained stable

In a correction to the “Blick” report – the information from which was also taken over by blue News – the SBB writes that the article wrongly suggests that the SBB wants to gild the traction current at the expense of the passengers.

“Due to drought and shortages” this year, SBB will make a loss of CHF 180 million. In addition, it is required by law that the traction current must cover costs. Therefore, an “increase in the price of traction current is unfortunately unavoidable,” according to the SBB.

The company is in talks with the Federal Office of Transport (BAV) about how high the electricity price increase will be. However, the conclusion that was conveyed was wrong, that tickets would have become more expensive as a result: in passenger transport, prices would remain stable up to and including 2023 and not be increased.

The public transport industry will then discuss whether they would then have to be adapted for 2024 in the coming year, the letter continues.

In the meantime, the market has calmed down a bit, which is why the request for an increase has been adjusted. The price should now rise less sharply, but “remain at this level for several years.” The decision to do so lies with the BAV.

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