Ski World Cup, Super-G in Lake Louise: Caviezel slides unconscious into the net

Odermatt’s triumph marred: Caviezel slips unconscious into the net

Published: 27.11.2022, 20:20

Marco Odermatt is sitting in the leader’s chair in the Lake Louise finish area – when the smile suddenly disappears from his face. The Nidwaldner slaps his thighs, throws up his hands and buries his face in them. Up in the net is Mauro Caviezel, he again, who really doesn’t seem to be spared anything in his career.

The Grisons is still on the way back after his violent fall almost two years ago in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Since then he has been struggling with vision problems – they still bother him today. And then this: a right-hander in this first Super-G of the season in the Canadian Rockies. The 34-year-old hangs his right arm, the pole hits him in the face, Caviezel sinks to the ground like a hit boxer and slides unconscious into the fences.

The helpers arrive rather hesitantly at the Swiss. Only after many anxious minutes does he get up, with a lot of blood on his face. Then he lies down again and is packed up for transport by helicopter. It’s another gigantic stone to be thrown in Caviezel’s path this Sunday. The comeback of the best Super-G rider of the 2019/20 season has only gained something: uncertainty.

Bad end: Mauro Caviezel is taken away after his bad fall.

On the other hand, after this first speed weekend, everyone finally knows who will be the driver to beat this winter. Nobody can match the time of Odermatt, on Saturday in the downhill with rank 3 behind Aleksander Kilde and Daniel Hemetsberger the best Swiss. Last year’s overall World Cup winner won two of the first three races of the season and finished third once.

Kilde and Matthias complete the podium in Lake Louise. Of the other Swiss, only Stefan Rogentin made it into the top 10 in ninth place. But on this day, the Swiss team is not just about results.

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