Croatia Morocco live on TV and Livestream

Croatia Morocco live on TV and Livestream
Croatia vs Morocco live on TV and Livestream

Croatia Morocco broadcast live on TV and live stream today, all important information about the game for third place at the World Cup.

Today at 4 p.m. the game for third place in the 2022 World Cup is between Croatia and Morocco. The game cannot be seen live on free TV. Only in the live stream will Croatia against Morocco transfer.

Where is Croatia vs Morocco on TV and live stream?

Croatia versus Morocco will only be broadcast live and in full length by Magenta Sport in the live stream. The match between Croatia and Morocco cannot be seen on free TV. Before the game starts, Magenta Sport has news and reports on the game and the World Cup.

Who will win the game, Croatia or Morocco?


Morocco is already the winner of hearts, never before has an African team come so far. As the first African team in World Cup history Morocco reached the semi-finals in Qatar.

“We’ve come further than Brazil, Spain or Germany. That’s great for us,” said the 47-year-old Morocco coach. “We showed the Africans that you can keep up with the big players. But we have to show it regularly and prove that it wasn’t a coincidence.”

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Croatian coach Dalic definitely wants to say goodbye with a win from Qatar: “It would be a great thing if we got bronze here.” Due to a number of injured and battered players, he will change his team. “We need a fresh team and we need healthy players,” said the coach Croatia.

Croatia vs Morocco live on TV, live stream, broadcast and info about the game

who: Croatia – Morocco
When: 12/17/22, 4 p.m
What: Match for third place
Live on free TV: /
live stream: Magenta Sports

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