Steinplatte Waidring: Germans die in a skiing accident in Tyrol

Steinplatte Waidring: Germans die in a skiing accident in Tyrol
Steinplatte Waidring: Germans die in a skiing accident in Tyrol

After an accident, a skier is rescued by helicopter (symbol image).

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On December 28 at around 11:05 a.m., two 17-year-old skiers – one of them from the Berchtesgaden area – had an accident in the Steinplatte ski area in Tyrol. The two young people fell about 50 to 60 meters deep and died at the scene of the accident.

Waidring – Terrible accident late Wednesday morning (December 28) in the Tyrolean district of Kitzbühel: Two 17-year-old skiers from the Berchtesgaden area and from the Upper Palatinate died in Austria.

The two teenagers were in at around 11:05 a.m Steinplatte ski area got over the right edge of the piste near Waidring, “fell and fell outside the piste about 50 to 60 meters over alpine or meadow terrain that was partly interspersed with stones and hardly covered with snow,” explains the responsible person State Police Directorate (LPD) Tyrol.

First responders and doctors fight in vain for the young lives

According to police, the two youths were seriously injured. “First responders immediately began the first aid measures and set the rescue chain in motion. the Crew of two rescue helicopters subsequently continued the resuscitation measures, ”said a spokesman for the responsible police force.

But all the efforts of the first responders and the medical staff were in vain: the two 17-year-olds died at the scene of the accident from their serious injuries.

Witnesses report fast driving – police warn urgently

According to witnesses, the two young people are on the red run traveling at very high speed been. On Police spokesman warns in this context again of the possible consequences of driving too fast. “There’s just very little snow next to the slope.”

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