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A case from Stuttgart is currently making waves: As an employee of a security company, Mirnesa S. is said to have stolen large sums of money.

A nasty robbery came to light in Stuttgart in October 2022: Mirnesa S. (formerly Mirnesa Bešlić), as an employee of a money transport company, is said to have seized the opportunity and stole over one million euros. The blonde Bosnian is now on the run – she is suspected to be in her home country.

Disappeared without a trace – suspected thief in Bosnia

The police are currently using several photos to search for a 42-year-old woman who is said to have stolen more than one million euros on October 14, 2022 at around 3:10 p.m. in Stuttgart “using her employment with a money transport company”. From a private perspective, there is even a promise of 37,500 euros provided. Now the alleged thief is said to be hiding in Bosnia – but she has not been seen so far.

Ex-neighbor would take her in because “big in business”

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The newspaper editors from Bosnia-Herzegovina visited Mirnesa’s hometown and interviewed the residents of the central Bosnian community. Neighbors and residents of the town have mixed reactions to Mirnesa S. A neighbor would immediately offer her accommodation, while another citizen would immediately report the lady. “If she knows what she’s doing, then she should stay healthy. I would give her shelter,” said a .

When asked what he would do if Mirnesa knocked on his door, the immediate neighbor laughed: “We were friends when we were children.

The suspect is presumed innocent.

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