The nominations for the Grimme Prize 2023

The nominations for the Grimme Prize 2023
The nominations for the Grimme Prize 2023

When the winners of the 59th Grimme Prize are announced in the Filmhaus in Cologne on March 21st and they receive their awards exactly one month later in the theater of the city of Marl, the focus will again primarily be on actors from public productions . ARD, , but also 3sat and Arte were well in the favor of the nomination juries. Apart from public service formats, RTL Deutschland productions appear three times, Seven.One is included once – the two large private broadcaster groups together have as many Grimme nominations as . Magenta TV is still nominated, while Sky is left completely empty-handed. In 2022, the pay-TV provider was still proposed with its series “The Ibiza Affair”, “The Wasp”, “Me and the Others” and the “Wirecard” documentary.

Overall, the jury, which met in person for the first time since the pandemic, selected 69 productions/individual performances from 780 submissions in the various categories. Grimme director Frauke Gerlach explained that the nominations show how many “outstanding programs” there have been over the past year on the issues surrounding the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, the energy crisis and the Iran protests. The urgency and relevance of other social issues were also not ignored in the nominations. This makes it clear how relevant the topic of diversity is.

Diversity in focus

In the entertainment sector, four out of ten nominated formats deal with the field of diversity. The diverse WDR talk “Andaz”, the German “Queer Eye” version from Netflix as well as the inclusive documentaries “Down the Road” from SWR and “Zum Schwarzwälder Hirsch” from Vox about people with Down syndrome will be included. Striking: Big studio shows didn’t make it into the nominees this time. Jan Böhmermann, who has been proposed for his “ZDF Magazin Royale”, can hope for a Grimme Prize for this, as can the team behind “Scenes Report” (MDR/ARD Kultur), “Normaloland” from ZDF, the “Palace of Thoughts” from BR and “Music Impossible – My Song. Your Sound.” (ZDF).

Joko and Klaas have meanwhile been nominated for a special prize for “sustainably creating awareness for the revolution in Iran and for recognizing the sovereignty that the medium of television is reaching its limits”. As part of their 15-minute campaign at ProSieben, the two had permanently handed over their Instagram accounts to two Iranian women.

Information in public hands

The manifold crises in the world, a war in Europe with direct effects on the German population, if one thinks of inflation, have pushed reports from other crisis regions into the background. Productions that have not lost sight of Afghanistan or Syria were therefore also specifically nominated: “STRG_F with the Taliban: Why do people like them?” (NDR/funk) for example, but also rbbs “Mission Kabul Airlift” or “The Other Side of the River” (Arte) about Syria in the civil war. “Genderation” (ZDF/3sat) and “Atomkraft Forever” (SWR/NDR) dealt with German concerns and problems. The fact that only one program commissioned by the private sector was proposed in the information area illustrates the importance the Grimme jury attaches to the public service offer. Only Film Five’s “Gladbeck: The Hostage Drama” for Netflix does not come from there.

Netflix hopes for “1899” and “Kleo”

In the fiction category, too, mostly public-law material was proposed, such as the ZDF/ZDFneo series “Himmel & Erde” created with Ukrainian filmmakers, or Charlotte Link’s “Safe”. However, private providers are also increasingly appearing here, RTL+ about twice with mentions for “Pretty Face” (Moovie) and “Ze Network” (Syrreal Entertainment/CBS Studios). Zeitsprung Pictures could win a prize for “Kleo” (Netflix), Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar have been suggested for “1899” (also Netflix) and Deutsche Telekom is also hoping: will “Oh Hell” win the coveted prize? According to Gerlach, people would “long for a change, entertainment and distraction from everyday life” in the face of the many crises.

In the children’s area, however, there is hardly a way around the public Kika, many of the nominations ran there, among other things. In the youth sector, several Funk productions stand out on the nomination list; Among them are formats like “Hypeculture”, “Sympathisch” or Coldmirror as a “formative Internet personality with high-quality and innovative content” as well as a “STRG_F” edition for their differentiated examination of Afghanistan.

The nominees at a glance

category fiction

  • 1899 (Dark Ways for Netflix)
  • At the end of words (clinkerfilm production for NDR/3sat)
  • The Mayoress (Network Movie film and television production for ZDF)
  • The Wannsee Conference (Constantin Television for ZDF)
  • Exile (Accomplices Film for WDR/ARTE)
  • Fett und Fett (Season 2) (Trimafilm/Network Movie film and television production for ZDF/ZDFneo)
  • Heaven & Earth – Небо та Земля (Studio Central for ZDF/ZDFneo)
  • Honecker and the Pastor (Radio Doria Film for ZDF/ARTE)
  • Pretty Face (MOOVIE for RTL+)
  • In the Fire – Two Sisters (Pallas Film/Match Factory Productions/View Master Films for ZDF/ZDF – The Little TV Game/ERT/ARTE)
  • Cold (cineo film production for WDR)
  • Kleo (Time Warp Pictures for Netflix)
  • Oh Hell (good friends film production for Magenta TV)
  • Safe (Claussen + Putz film production for ZDF/ZDFneo)
  • Sleep (Juna film for ZDF)
  • As loud as you can (Relevant Film Production for ZDF)
  • Ze Network (Syrreal Entertainment/CBS Studios for RTL+)


  • Nina Gummich for the acting performance in “Alice” (Neue Schönhauser film production for (rbb/WDR/ARD Degeto/ORF)
  • Manuel Nevosad for the lighting design in “Giant thing – every hour counts” (Senator Film for BR/ARD Degeto/SWR)

Category Information & Culture

  • Everything is one. Except for the 0. (Interzone Pictures for NDR)
  • Atomic Power Forever (PIER 53 film production for SWR/NDR)
  • Bettina (solo: film for rbb)
  • Chaddr – The river below us (Karbe Film for NDR)
  • The story in the first: life after Butscha – trauma and hope (Wildfilms for WDR)
  • Finally Tacheles (HANFGARN & UFER film production/Schramm Matthes Film for ZDF/3sat/WDR)
  • Money for mother to Zimbabwe ( film production/STEPS for ZDF/ARTE)
  • Genderation (Hyena Films for ZDF/3sat)
  • Gladbeck: The Hostage Drama (Movie Five for Netflix)
  • Habermas – Philosopher and European (Vincent Productions for ZDF/ARTE)
  • Melody Room 222 (zischlermann film production/AP production for ZDF/ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel)
  • Human Horst (Unterholz film collective for rbb)
  • Mission Kabul Airlift (DOCDAYS Productions for rbb)
  • Aftermath (Corso Film/Christoph Hübner Film Production for WDR)
  • Summer trip – time heals no wounds (Südkino film production for WDR)
  • Traces and wounds of the NSU murders ( film production for ZDF/ARTE)
  • The Other Side of the River (Doppelplusultra Filmproduktion/Pink Shadow Films/Greenlity OY for ARTE)
  • Injustice and Resistance – Romani Rose and the Civil Rights Movement (strandfilm/Navigator Film for ZDF/3sat)


  • Jagoda Marinić for the extraordinary conversation in “The Book of My Life” (Westend Film & TV for ZDF/ARTE)
  • Hajo Seppelt and his team for the concept of the documentary “How God created us. Coming Out in the Catholic Church” and the accompanying online project (EyeOpening Media for rbb/SWR/NDR)

Especially journalistic achievements:

  • Golineh Atai for her reports from the Arabic world (ZDF)
  • Katrin Eigendorf for her reports from the Ukraine (ZDF)
  • the continuous research by the “Contrasts” editorial team on peripheral issues of right-wing radicalism (rbb)

entertainment category

  • Andaz – The diverse talk (German Dream for WDR)
  • Down the Road – A very special adventure trip (SEO Entertainment/Roses Are Blue for SWR)
  • Mind Palace (Turbo Culture for BR)
  • Music Impossible – My Song. your sound (DEF Media for ZDF)
  • Normaloland (PSSST! Film for ZDF/ZDF – The Little TV Game)
  • Queer Eye Germany (ITV Studios Germany for Netflix)
  • Scene report (broadcast for ARD Kultur)
  • ZDF Magazin Royale (entertainment television Ehrenfeld for ZDF)
  • Zum Schwarzwälder Hirsch – An extraordinary kitchen crew and Tim Mälzer (Vitamedia Film für VOX)


Joko & Klaas 15 minutes live: Awareness for IranRevolution for creating sustainable awareness for the revolution in Iran – and recognizing the sovereignty that the medium of television is reaching its limits. (Florida Entertainment for ProSieben)

Children & Youth


  • The Adventures of Neema and Joshua ( for SWR)
  • The show with the elephant – Why are there different skin colors? (WDR/Kika)
  • Sandman frame: recycling vehicle (ANDERTHALB media production for rbb)
  • Look into my world: Ukraine – My country at war (BlindCat Documentary for Radio Bremen/rbb/hr/SWR/rbb/MDR/KiKA)
  • TickTack time travel with Lisa & Lena: GDR and FRG – the divided Germany (tvision for SWR)


  • From 18! – Following Valeria (Chromosome Film for ZDF/3sat)
  • The question: Today I have to face him in court| Does jail make you criminal? #1 (BR/funk)
  • Futur Drei (Jost Hering Films/Iconoclast Germany/La Mosca Bianca Films)
  • Hypeculture (BANK produced (6ANK) for funk)
  • Science for Future (i&u for SWR)
  • Sympathetic (whylder for funk)


  • Lea Drinda for her outstanding performance in “Becoming Charlie” (U5 film production for ZDF/ZDFneo)
  • Coldmirror as a formative Internet personality with high-quality and innovative content (for hr/funk)
  • Hype for the special form as a rap musical series (Picture me Rollin’/eitelsonnenschein for WDR)
  • Friedrich “Fritzi’” Ngceni for costume and set design for “Mysterium” (TV60 film production for BR)
  • Rudi’s R adventure for the presentation of original individual pieces ( for ZDF/KiKA)
  • STRG_F with the Taliban: why do people like them? for the very differentiated discussion of Afghanistan (NDR/funk)

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