Tinder Vault: The dating app now charges $500 for these features

Tinder Vault: The dating app now charges $500 for these features
Tinder Vault: The dating app now charges $500 for these features
March 09, 2023 at 10:02 am

With Tinder Vault, the dating app will soon be offering a new premium subscription. It will cost $500 a month. In return you get these features.

Tinder is currently sending out invitations for a new subscription model called “Vault” in the app. (Source: Reddit/Ethereal_burn)

  • Tinder is testing a new subscription model.
  • Vault is scheduled to launch later this year and will cost $500.
  • The services included in the subscription are formulated nebulously.

The dating app Tinder is apparently working on a new subscription model. This should be called “Vault” and cost up to $500 per month, and even $5,000 for an annual subscription. This would make “Vault” by far the most expensive premium option in the app so far.

These features are included

What you get for the money is not yet clear. The subscription is currently under development. It is scheduled to start at the end of the year. Screenshots of a subscription trial invitation shared on Reddit show the following features:

  • Personalized concierge service
  • Priority pass
  • Premium passport
  • Special status

What exactly is behind these, however, often remains unclear. The concierge service should be at your side 24/7 with help and advice and the Premium Passport should enable contact with the most active and influential users of the platform. For example, Tinder only writes about the Priority Pass “Your time is valuable, Priority Pass makes the most of it”, whatever that may mean.

Tinder is currently only offering the subscription to selected users in the USA. There are still no reports of corresponding invitations from the German-speaking area. Tinder usually tests new features in North or South America before they are rolled out globally.

Also interesting…

Whether Tinder Vault also comes to Germany should depend on its success. Tinder currently offers three different subscription models in Germany: “Plus”, “Gold” and “Platinum”. You can find out what they offer in the linked article.

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