The true story of Klaus Barkowsky from the Amazon series

Amazon has a new original that quickly maneuvered itself to first place in its own charts. There were real templates for the dramatic images of the neighborhood. Who is Klaus Barkowsky?

Luden – kings of the Reeperbahn

Poster Luden – Kings of the Reeperbahn Season 1

He was called “the beautiful Klaus” because of his blond, flowing mane. Today this has visibly thinned out, but the name has remained and is also used by Barkowsky for his Instagram profile. As it seems, he can get something out of the Amazon production, which tells his story under the title “Luden”, at least the photos of the series on his website testify to that. Today’s Klaus Barkowsky is no longer a pimp, but works as an artist. Be good to him if the series helps to make his pictures better known in the world.

Based on true events: “Luden” on Amazon Prime

Klaus Barkowsky first entered the world of the red light district on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn at the age of 15 and left again at the age of 33. He was extremely successful in his business, in the best of times he was able to rake in 10,000 to 15,000 DM a day with women’s sex work. In the group, known as the Nutella gang because of their young age, he initially had the task of recruiting women for the trade. At the beginning they had three rooms in the “Eros Center”.

At weddings, 15 women went to work for him, for many it was an honor to work for handsome Klaus. In exchange for them financing his luxury and two Lamborghinis, he was generous to them as well. Anyone who brought in a lot could look forward to a Rolex, a Porsche, jewelery and expensive clothes. He also celebrated a Christmas party in the Plaza with “his” wives.

After leaving the scene, Barkowsky married a multi-millionaire and lived in Miami and London. Then he got divorced and began to establish himself as an artist in Altona.

Klaus Barkowsky, opening of the pXXy PORN art project vernissage at the Erotic Art Museum. © IMAGO / Eventpress

Aaron Hilmer plays the neighborhood legend in the series, you can currently see Schsupieler on in “Nothing New in the West” in a leading role without a blonde wig. Anyone who is more interested in the real Klaus and the women and men who accompanied his path can find out more about the Reeperbahn and its sponsors from in a three-part documentary from 2022. The three films are about the neighborhood of St. Pauli in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. In the second part, “The Beautiful Klaus and the Fat Years”, some of the people who inspired “Luden” have their say, including, of course, Klaus Barkowsky himself quite interesting. You can also find short clips on YouTube about the late Nutella gang member Thomas Born, known as Karate Tommy.

It is not yet officially known whether there will be a second season of “Luden” on Amazon. If you are longing for scary stories based on true events, you might find what you are looking for in this video:

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