Train, airports, highways – mega strike on March 27th – world

Train, airports, highways – mega strike on March 27th – world
Train, airports, highways – mega strike on March 27th – world

Public sector employees in Germany want more wages. The unions are therefore calling for a far-reaching strike at the end of March.

According to a report, Germany is threatened with a nationwide warning strike in the transport sector: According to information from “Bild am Sonntag”, the Verdi services union and the railway and transport union (EVG) are planning a joint one-day warning strike for March 27th. A parallel walkout in the mobility sector would have far-reaching consequences: In addition to Deutsche Bahn, local public transport, airports and the federal highway company would be affected.

“If we do that, we will announce strikes in good time,” EVG deputy chairwoman Cosima Ingenschay told the newspaper. “Of course we are intertwined with Verdi,” said the EVG negotiator. “We don’t want competition on the backs of employees, but good wages for all employees in the mobility industry.”

Warning strike at four German airports on March 13th

The Verdi union is already calling for all-day warning strikes at the airports in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen for Monday (March 13). The call for a strike is aimed at employees in the aviation security sector who work in passenger control as well as in personnel and goods control, as the Verdi state district of Berlin-Brandenburg announced on Saturday. According to the airport association ADV, 351 departures will be cancelled; a total of almost 100,000 affected passengers must be expected. According to Verdi, the strike begins in the early hours of Monday morning and ends late at night. Longer waiting times up to flight cancellations or flight cancellations are to be expected.

Verdi has been in negotiations with the Federal Association of Aviation Security Companies (BDLS) for years “to increase the time surcharges for night, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday work as well as a better collective agreement for paying overtime for security and service staff at commercial airports”. .

Verdi demanded “adequate payment for work at unfavorable times for aviation security employees,” it said. The surcharges have not been improved since 2006, and since 2013 an increase has been repeatedly negotiated. The rounds of negotiations in the past year have been disappointing. “The employers have not yet submitted an offer,” criticized Verdi. “They keep putting the issue on the back burner.”

Bahn is already working on emergency plans

When asked by the newspaper, Verdi would neither confirm nor deny the strike plans. According to information from “Bild am Sonntag”, the train is already working on emergency plans for March 27th. The next round of negotiations for the 2.5 million public sector employees at federal and local level begins on that day. In view of the record inflation, Verdi is demanding a wage increase of 10.5 percent, but at least 500 euros more per month. The EVG wants twelve percent more wages, at least 650 euros more per month. The railway has not yet submitted an offer for the 180,000 employees.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the parties will meet for another wage round, an agreement is not expected at this point. Verdi called on health workers nationwide to go on warning strikes for the two days.

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