Luise’s (12) killers posted unashamedly on TikTok – world

Luise’s (12) killers posted unashamedly on TikTok – world
Luise’s (12) killers posted unashamedly on TikTok – world

Even days after Luise (12) was found dead, the horror reports don’t stop. The perpetrators continued to post unashamedly on TikTok.

The Luise murder case shakes the world. The student’s lifeless body, marked by stab wounds, was found in a forest in the small German town of Freudenberg on Sunday. The perpetrators are schoolmates of the 12-year-olds. New, depressing details about the horrific act come to light almost every day. In a recent development, the parents of the perpetrators have eloped.

Case Luise – parents of the killers had to leave town

It was previously known that the two perpetrators (12 and 13) had bullied Luise for months. Luise had recently turned to an adult – apparently the two did not want to let that sit on them. She was reported missing on Saturday after meeting the 13-year-old at her home. The rest is sad history. Now it has become known how unabashedly the two perpetrators were on TikTok just one day after the horrific act.

Dance videos on TikTok

Particularly absurd: After the two Luise inflicted fatal injuries with 30 stitches and hid her blood-covered body in the forest, they posted a video asking for help in finding the missing person. On Sunday, they again had nothing better to do than upload dance videos to TikTok – meanwhile, their former friend Luise was found by the police.

Luise’s (12) killer is said to be “well brought up, polite”.

They received harsh comments. One user wrote, “I can’t believe you guys are posting dance videos the day after the murder.” Another classmate wrote: “When your chair was empty today, we all knew what was going on”. Others joined in the collective dismay at the teenage girls’ actions.

channels deleted

Suspicions were repeatedly expressed that a love affair was the cause of the argument between the “best friends”.

In the end, the two’s social media accounts were deleted after violent insults and arguments broke out. State Councilor Andreas Müller confirmed this to the “Siegener Zeitung”: “We initiated the deletion through the respective platform operators. They reacted quickly there”. Before that, however, the comments and messages were secured in order to examine the criminal relevance.

Perpetrators are not yet criminally responsible

In view of the unscrupulousness of the perpetrators and the horrific nature of the crime, a discussion about the criminal responsibility of young people is now ignited in Germany. Due to their young age, the two perpetrators cannot be prosecuted. In Germany, one is only liable to prosecution from the age of 14.

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