Lidl: price scandal! Customers outraged by THIS price

The prices in the supermarkets and discounters like Lidl or Aldi are increasing. This is due to the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and inflation. Even if many food markets are fighting back and do not want to support the price increases of many branded products, price increases in one place or another are inevitable.

Nevertheless, some shops make questionable price decisions that puzzle consumers. How can it be that the price for a certain product at Lidl is three times more expensive than in other discounters and supermarkets? It can’t have anything to do with inflation, can it?

Lidl: Retailers and manufacturers are waging a price war

Discounters and supermarkets have been in a price war with well-known brand manufacturers for several months. Instead of passing on the price increases to customers, some retailers simply forego selling. But what about fruit and vegetables? According to the German Fruit Trade Association (DFHV), this segment is hardly affected by the price increases. At Lidl, however, a completely different picture is currently emerging.

In contrast to other products, a price increase of 2.7 percent for fruit and vegetables is hardly worth mentioning, the association explains (read more here). Fruit and vegetables are still cheap. But why are there cucumbers for 1.89 euros on the shelves at Lidl? Consumers are outraged.

Lidl: Consumers are angry

“How do you come up with such a moon price?” asks a customer angrily. Even the organic cucumber is cheaper. Anyone who currently wants to prepare a cucumber salad should therefore rather not buy the cucumbers from Lidl, he advises other consumers on Facebook.

Other disgruntled customers take their frustration directly to the discounter. “€1.89 for a cucumber? You probably know no more borders,” writes one man. “Lidl Germany, are you serious?” Another wants to know. The group does not respond to the outraged questions of its customers.

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The fact that certain types of fruit and vegetables can vary in price depending on the season is no surprise, explains the DFHV. Because: “The prices for fruit and vegetables are based on supply, demand and season and often fluctuate considerably over the course of a year.” Nevertheless, cucumbers from other retailers currently cost significantly less. If you really want to save money, you should compare the prices carefully beforehand.

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