Men’s ski jumping in Vikersund

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Created: 03/18/2023 at 6:27 p.m

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Ski jumping: Andreas Wellinger in the air. © picture alliance/dpa | Daniel Karman

In the Ski Jumping World Cup, three ski flights are scheduled for the weekend. The men are in action twice, the women celebrate their premiere. is part of the live ticker today.

Vikersund – Im Ski Jumping World Cup, things will be spectacular this weekend. There are three ski flights on the largest hill in the world. The men jump on Saturday and Sunday, and the women for the first time on Sunday. is in this live ticker for all three events live.

The program in Vikersund

The men fly at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday and at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday

The ladies fly at 10:00 on Sunday

Update live ticker here

Before jumping: On Sunday we continue with the first women’s ski flying in history. We’ll be there live at 9:45 am.

Ski jumping: German fly behind, Granerud succeeds in preliminary decision

The German ski jumpers have it at ski flying in Vikersund didn’t make the top tent. Andreas Wellinger, the best of the national coach Stefan Horngacher’s team, finished twelfth on Saturday. After the first round and a jump of 233.5 meters, the 27-year-old was still in third place. A flight of 193.5 meters threw Wellinger far behind. The The Norwegian local hero Halvor Egner Granerud secured victory in front of the two Austrians Stefan Kraft and Daniel Tschofenig. Granerud extended his lead in the raw air standings.

As the second best German, Markus Eisenbichler took 15th place. Karl Geiger ended up in 21st place. Justin Lisso and Constantin Schmid were eliminated after the first round.

Ski jumping: The final score in the 2nd round

1. Halvor Egner Granerud (Norway) 424.9 points
2. Stefan Kraft (Austria) – 6.1
3. Daniel Tschofenig (Austria) – 34.8
12. Andreas Wellinger (Germany) – 67.0
15. Markus Eisenbichler (Germany) – 85.1
21. Karl Geiger (Germany) – 113.8

The entire result

Ski jumping: Flying on Saturday in the live ticker

2nd round: Granerud concludes this competition. He’s got a head start and won’t let that take him away. 222 meters, he gets his twelfth win of the season. Kraft is second, his compatriot Tschofenig third. Wellinger was the best German in twelfth place.

2nd round: Stefan Kraft now has to submit one if he still wants to annoy Granerud in the general classification. The Austrian presents 227.5 meters and is at least second.

2nd round: Will Wellinger get on the podium? The wind is ok but the jump is too shallow. 193.5 meters, he falls far behind. This is a disappointing day for the German jumpers.

2nd round: Michael Hayböck from Austria is also behind his compatriot Tschofenig. And now only Wellinger, Kraft and Granerud are coming.

2nd round: Anze Lanisek is only third, he has to tick off the overall win of the Raw Air. Domen Prevc also lands very early, the Slovenians will not be on the podium here.

2nd pass: The fight for the podium is on. Deschwanden and Zajc clearly lag behind. Ryoyu Kobayashi is initially second, but Tschofenig remains clearly ahead.

2nd round: Daniel Tschofenig really hits the spot here. With a tailwind that is 229.5 meters and the clear lead for the Austrian.

2nd round: Dawid Kubacki makes a clear announcement to the competition with 225 meters. The Norwegian Robert Johansson doesn’t get close. Only ten jumpers to come.

2nd round: Manuel Fettner from Austria promptly passes, things are going better now. And also the Japanese Naoki Nakamura shows a strong flight.

2nd round: With Markus Eisenbichler we see the penultimate German jumper here. The wind is a little better. The Siegsdrofer takes advantage of this and is clearly at the top with 216 meters.

2nd round: Kamil Stoch from Poland initially takes the lead with 200 meters.

2nd pass: Geiger sits upstairs. There is a tailwind. He has little chance and lands at 192 meters. This is currently the second tier.

2nd pass: 135 meters, 159 meters and there is hardly any improvement in sight. Let’s hope things get better for Geiger soon.

2nd pass: The jury increases the inrun again.

2nd pass: It starts like in the 1st round, the athletes have hardly any wind support and cannot reach large distances.

2nd pass: With Geiger, Eisenbichler and Wellinger only three Germans are left.

2nd pass: It continues in Vikersund, the final round is underway.

Before the 2nd round: At 17:38 the final starts here in Vikersund.

Ski jumping today in the live ticker: The intermediate result after the 1st round

1. Halvor Egner Granerud
2. Stephen Kraft – 9.8
3. Andreas Wellinger – 24.2
16. Markus Eisenbichler – 56.5
20. Karl Geiger – 58.8
33.Justin Lisso – 94.2
37. Constantine Schmid – 116.1

1st pass: Granerud’s coach shortens voluntarily. The Norwegian now has to jump 228 meters to get the bonus points. The plan works, that’s 235.5 meters and the lead for Granerud. He and Kraft are fighting for victory, Wellinger is on course for the podium.

1st pass: Stefan Kraft fell at 249 meters in the rehearsal, but still competes. He masters this hill like no other. 239.5 meters for the Austrian and the clear lead.

1st pass: World champion Timi Zajc is the first. The Slovenian has big problems in flight, it’s very uneasy. He is clearly behind Wellinger.

1st pass: Only three jumpers to come, Wellinger is further ahead.

1st pass: Andreas Wellinger is the last German jumper we see. Very strong, he goes to 233.5 meters. Conditions were good and points will be deducted. Nevertheless, he takes the lead.

1st pass: Anze Lanisek is a gifted flyer and comes close to Hayböck despite the circumstances. That’s a strong 226 meters.

1st pass: What is Markus Eisenbichler showing us now? It’s still very difficult here. He has big problems upstairs and fights his way here on 209.5 meter. That is currently enough for ninth place.

1st pass: It goes on. But Daniel Andre Tande only goes 198 meters.

1st pass: Jumping is currently suspended.

1st pass: Ryoyu Kobayashi goes one meter further and is just ahead of Deschwanden. Dawid Kubacki also jumps 218.5 meters, but the Pole is only sixth because of the better conditions.

1st pass: We’ve had a good flight for a long time. Gregor Deschwanden jumps 217 meters and is second.

1st pass: Again the run-up is extended. But Kamil Stoch only goes to 201.5 meters. In a moment we will see the currently strongest planes and hope for greater distances.

1st pass: The jury reacts and extends the run-up. At the same time, however, there is a tailwind. It stays tough here.

1st pass: 20 out of 40 athletes are down. Hayböck is still clearly ahead, Geiger is currently sixth.

1st pass: Robert Johansson passes Geiger. The German reaches the second round, but has no chance of a top placement.

1st pass: With the current conditions and the inrun length, large distances are not possible. Hayböck remains clearly ahead.

1st pass: With Constantin Schmid, the third German is at the top. That’s disappointing, with 160 meters he won’t reach the final.

1st pass: Daniel Tschofenig goes 216.5 meters and thus clearly past Geiger.

1st pass: Geiger can’t get there, there are a lot of meters missing. With 200.5 meters he takes second place.

1st pass: Michael Hayböck from Austria sets the first benchmark with 228 meters. He leads and now comes Geiger.

1st pass: Justin Lisso only goes 175 meters, it remains a tough story so far.

1st pass: There is currently no wind on the slope, we haven’t seen the big expanses yet.

1st pass: Karl Geiger is 10, Constantin Schmid is 13, Markus Eisenbichler is 30 and Andreas Wellinger is 34.

1st pass: Four Norwegians start, as the first German we see Justin Lisso with start number 8.

Before jumping: It’s about to start here in Vikersund. 40 athletes are in the 1st round.

Before jumping: Five out of seven Germans qualified. Karl Geiger, Markus Eisenbichler, Andreas Wellinger, Constantin Schmid and Justin Lisso are in the competition, Philipp Raimund and Stephan Leyhe are eliminated.

Before jumping: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for ski flying today in Vikersund. At 4:30 p.m. the men jump.

Ski jumping today in the live ticker: The preliminary report for the weekend

The Raw Air Tour in Norway ends this weekend with three competitions in ski flying. The men will be in action on Saturday and Sunday, the women will compete in ski flying for the first time in ski jumping history.

Ski jumping in the live ticker: seven Germans have a chance to be used

The focus is initially on Saturday, when the men from 4:30 p.m largest ski flying hill in the worldt sail through the Norwegian air.

With Karl Geiger, Markus Eisenbichler, Andreas Wellinger, Stephan Leyhe, Constantin Schmid, Philipp Raimund and Justin Lisso, seven German eagles have the chance to take part in the two ski flying events. But first they have to master the qualifications. In ski flying, only 40 instead of the usual 50 athletes start in the first round.

Ski jumping in the live ticker: Granerud ahead of overall victory, women with a premiere

From an international point of view, the focus is on the fight for the overall victory on the Raw Air Tour. local hero Halvor Egner Granerud clearly leads the overall standings ahead of Anze Lanisek from Slovenia and Stefan Kraft from Austria. The three best jumpers of the tour are also the favorites for the victories in Vikersund. Click here for the Raw Air Tour standings

Almost all eyes in the ski jumping world will be on a premiere on Sunday. For the first time, women can also compete in ski flying. They had to fight for a starting right for a long time, but on Sunday from 10:00 a.m. the time has finally come.

Ski jumping in the live ticker: Three German women have qualified

The 15 best women in the raw air ranking have qualified for ski flying, including three Germans. Katharina Althaus, Selina Freitag and Anna Rupprecht are eligible to start. Above all, Althaus and Freitag presented themselves in excellent condition during the Norway tour and could have a say in the victory. Here is the ranking for the women

The Men open the ski flying weekend on Saturday at 4:30 p.m and also fly on Sunday at 16:00. The women start at 10 a.m. on Sunday. is included in the live ticker.

The Raw Air Tour in Norway is part of the World Cup starts on March 11th and ends on March 19th. Six competitions are scheduled in ski jumping. The tour is part of the World Cup calendar, the results are included in the overall ranking.


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