Army colonel would “give his life for our country” – Vienna

Army colonel would “give his life for our country” – Vienna
Army colonel would “give his life for our country” – Vienna

An officer faced a volley “Today”-Questions. Colonel Stefan Kirchebner revealed personal details and that he would “die” for his country.

Normally, officers in the armed forces are not necessarily known for quick action, not even rhetorically – especially when they are in a position of responsibility responsible for strategy and military advice in the Ministry of Defense. But Colonel Stefan Kirchebner (55), ex-guard commander and now on the staff of Klaudia Tanner, made up for it “Today” an exception and faced a spontaneous Wordrap for the social media platform TikTok.

officer almost became a forester

“If I hadn’t become a soldier, I would be a forester today,” surprised the Tyrolean, who joined the troops in 1985, with a loose tongue and revealed personal details. The 55-year-old only wears a uniform when necessary (note: almost always). “But I also like being in civilian clothes,” said the colonel, for whom discipline isn’t everything, “but without discipline a lot of things wouldn’t be possible.”

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Video goes viral on the internet

The clip with the ex-guard commander has already been viewed more than 180,000 times on TikTok. Many users still know the striking manager from their time in the basic military service in Vienna, and reacted almost entirely positively: “I was allowed to do my basic military service under him in the 4th guard! Legend !!!”, was a comment that was particularly often hearted. Even a former civil servant had to comment: “I have to say honestly, he seems very likeable…”

Colonel Stefan Kirchebner: “If necessary, I would give my life for my country”

But the hard facts of life as a professional soldier were not left out in the short “rapid fire” interview. “If necessary, I would give my life for my country,” said Soldier Kirchebner, for whom neutrality must remain and the Ukraine war meant “a rethinking”.

Colonel thinks boss Tanner is “great!”

The military advisor to Minister Klaudia Tanner would like to see “more appreciation” for the army. Unsurprisingly, the 55-year-old thinks his boss is “great!”

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