You shouldn’t use these colors in the bathroom

You shouldn’t use these colors in the bathroom
You shouldn’t use these colors in the bathroom
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Created: 03/18/2023 10:33 p.m

From: Anna Lena Kiegerl


The bathroom should be a place of well-being. Which colors shouldn’t be used for the design here? © Aleksei Isachenko/imago/symbol image

You want to feel comfortable in the bathroom. After a long day it is often a place to relax. But some colors are better avoided.

Kassel – There are a number of things to consider when designing a bathroom. The room should be comfortable and inviting. Not all colors are suitable for visually enhancing the room. Here you can find out what you need to look out for if you want your bathroom to shine like new.

The right shade: too much white looks uncomfortable

If you design an entire room in white, it can be noisy quickly become uncomfortable. There is a particular risk of this happening in the bathroom. Because: Above all, washbasins, bathtubs or showers are usually kept in white. If you paint the wall white as well, the room can quickly appear sterile and uncomfortable. So be careful with white.

Black as a fashion colour: Here, too, caution is advised

In recent years, black has become a real fashion color in furnishings and home design. It exudes modernity and style. Not only black colors are a current trend, small windows are also becoming increasingly popular in house construction.

But don’t overdo it with black either. It is best to only set black accents. Otherwise the room quickly looks dark and you need a lot of lighting. Important: Black should never be used as a wall color in the bathroom. It is best to limit yourself to individual items such as towels and carpets, which are kept in black.

Bright colors: If you want to relax, you should avoid them

Even with very bright colors, no matter what kind, you should work more and more sparingly. They should only appear in small accents. Because they don’t exactly trigger feelings of wellness. Rather calm and warm colors are decisive for this. If you still don’t want to do without bright colors, you can live it up with towels or toothbrush cups. Small colorful accessories upgrade the room and give the bathroom a little bit of pizzazz.

Bathroom wall color: what else to look out for?

In the bathroom, however, it is not just about the color tone, the type of color also plays an important role. In the bathroom, there is usually high humidity due to the warm water when showering or bathing. Warning: there is a high risk of mold growth here. In order to avoid unhealthy wall infestation, there are paints that are resistant to moisture and thus also repel mold.

According to the hardware store chain Obi, there are three types of paint that are suitable for wet rooms. Special dispersion paints for damp rooms are suitable for painting in the bathroom, for example. You can use them on almost any surface and they are odorless. The second option is silicate paint. It is particularly water-resistant and safe against mould. However, it can only be applied to plaster, concrete or cement walls.

Lastly there is latex paint. Nowadays, however, this is often no longer made of latex, but of synthetic resin. The paint is not only resistant to water vapour, but also light splashes of water are no problem.

Are you in the process of building or renovating a home? Then you know for sure that this can lead to thick air. Here you will find tips for a harmonious house construction.

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