DSDS 2023 candidates: who is out? Who is in the last recall?

DSDS 2023 candidates: who is out? Who is in the last recall?
DSDS 2023 candidates: who is out? Who is in the last recall?

The search for Germany’s next superstar RTL is slowly coming to an end. On Saturday, March 18th, 2023, the penultimate recall of “Germany seeks the superstar”. For the 15 candidates was the “supreme discipline in music” in Thailand, as jury member Dieter Bohlen found. The talents had to prove themselves in duets. But not all succeeded – three of them had to go in the end.

Who got kicked out? Who else is there and can therefore continue to dream of the title of superstar? We have you all singers in the recall of DSDS 2023 at a glance.

All broadcast dates and further information about season 20 can be found here.

DSDS 2023: Who is out?

Originally, 40 talents flew to Mallorca for a recall. Since then, candidates have been thrown out round by round. In the fifth and penultimate recall in Thailand, the dream of victory ended for three other participants.

Who has been eliminated so faryou can see an overview here:

Exits – Recall 5

  • Marleen Schäfer (19) from Karlsruhe
  • Jill Lange (22) from Römerstein
  • Jaden Fischer (17) from Bocholt

Exits – Recall 4

  • Dilara Sabahat (17) from Neumunster
  • Fatih Yüksel (28) from Dusseldorf
  • Isa Berisha (22) from Salzgitter
  • Olga Levit (29) from Berlin
  • Sidan Yilmaz (22) from Altenholz

Exits – Recall 3

  • Adriano Pecoraro (21) from Neuwied
  • Andrea Renzullo (26) from Hamm
  • Nikolaos Simediriadis (23) from Werther
  • Zeno Rubens Barbieri Reuter (22) from Munich

Exits – Recall 2

  • Clara Stampf (21) from Frankfurt (voluntary)
  • Tilly Horn (26) from Monheim am Rhein
  • Melino Winterstein (23) from Ingenheim
  • Riccardo Colo (22) from Wuppertal

Exits—Recall 1

  • Jana Milena Eßer (23) from Eberau (Austria) – after a wobbly duel
  • Sascha Wilhelm (29) from Aach – after a wobbly duel
  • Bobby Jovanovic (30) from Nuremberg
  • Julian Hildebrandt (27) from Xanten
  • Julienne-Selin Faber (16) from Bexbach
  • Lea Bill (19) from Grevenbroich
  • Lukas Becker (22) from Bonn
  • Nico Grund (29) from Cologne
  • Olivia Reichert (21) from Munich
  • Svenja Plaumann (22) from Duisburg
  • Taro Sperlich (22) from Gardelegen
  • Vivien Ververgaert (28) from Weeze

These judges evaluate the Season 20 contestants

These candidates are in the final recall

After the fifth round are in the foreign recall twelve candidates one step closer to her dream. They have so far convinced Dieter Bohlen, Pietro Lombardi, Katja Krasavice and Leony and can continue to prove their talent.

who is currently thereyou can see an overview here:

  • Aileen Sager (22) from Birkenfeld
  • David Leischik (27) from Cologne
  • Felix Gleixner (26) from Amberg
  • Kiyan Sepehr Yousefbeik (25) from Hanover
  • Lawa Baban (25) from Giessen
  • Lorent Berisha (19) from Dierikon (Lucerne, Switzerland)
  • Monika Gajek (21) from Salzgitter
  • Natalie Nock (29) from Baden-Baden
  • Peris Grigoriadis (25) from Pleidelsheim
  • Rose Ndumba (23) from Essen
  • Sem Eisinger (29) from Frankfurt
  • Tatjana Ivanovic (19) from Pfäffikon (Switzerland)

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