Edeka, Rewe and Co: Next price explosion for products!

Edeka, Rewe and Co: Next price explosion for products!
Edeka, Rewe and Co: Next price explosion for products!

There are currently a thousand reasons why groceries at Edeka, Rewe and Co. are becoming more expensive. It starts with raw materials, continues with supply bottlenecks and doesn’t stop with inflation, war and energy costs. All these factors influence the prices in the supermarket.

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Now the next crisis is approaching. And that applies to several products that are on the shelves at Edeka, Rewe and Co. The reason for this is not the content, but the packaging.

Edeka, Rewe and Co: prices are rising because of the glass crisis

Nikolaus Wiegand, Managing Director of glass manufacturer Wiegand, told the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” that glass prices have risen massively. “Our price level in January was around 50 percent higher than in the same month last year.” This is mainly due to the increased prices for the raw materials – sand, lime, soda and used glass – which are required for the production of new glass.

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At the same time, manufacturers are struggling with increased energy costs, inflation, supply chain problems and understaffing. “The times are not easy for any of us at the moment, not for the consumers and not for us,” regrets Christof Queisser, CEO of Rotkummel-Mumm.

A number of products are becoming more expensive

As the price of glass increases, so do all sorts of products packaged in glass. Jam, honey, but also pickles and alcohol (beer, sparkling wine, wine). Queisser expects the price of sparkling wine to increase by 50 cents to one euro. Experts also estimate that the price of wine will increase by up to two euros. Alcohol is already more expensive in the supermarket.

More news:

A liter of beer would soon cost five euros in pubs, believes the President of the Southwest Brewers’ Association. He speaks of a 70 percent price increase for new glass. The situation is not expected to ease any time soon.

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