Speculations about Dosko’s successor already in full swing – politics

Speculations about Dosko’s successor already in full swing – politics
Speculations about Dosko’s successor already in full swing – politics

He finally did it: Governor Hans Peter Doskozil challenges SPÖ party leader Rendi-Wagner. But what does that mean for Burgenland?

The SPÖ member survey will probably take place in May, which should at least point the way to the future in terms of personnel. Can long-time party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner keep her shaky post or will Governor Doskozil lead the Social Democrats in the next national elections? Be that as it may, in Burgenland people are already considering who could succeed Doskozil.

Rendi or Dosko – so many really stand behind them

The speculation is now starting and will probably pick up speed the closer the vote and thus Doskozil’s possible resignation as governor get. In 2019, the former minister and state police director followed the veteran Hans Nissl and has led an SPÖ sole government since the 2020 election victory. His new goal is clear: he wants to become Chancellor.

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Definitely still in office next year

Should he win the vote against Rendi-Wagner and actually become SPÖ federal party chairman and top candidate, he would have to notify the state parliament in writing if he were to resign from his position as governor. His successor would then in turn be regulated in the state parliament.

Doskozil promised such an approach in “Burgenland Today” on Thursday, but also put the brakes on: The follow-up discussion is currently “hypothetical”. “Now we’re going one step at a time. I’m still governor, this year I will definitely remain governor and next year,” said the Social Democrat.

Officially not an issue

Discussions and deliberations will certainly be going on in the background, but his government members do not want to comment publicly either. Deputy Governor Astrid Eisenkopf (SPÖ) does not want to take part in a personnel discussion when asked by ORF. The same message was repeated on Friday by the state councilors Heinrich Dorner and Leonhard Schneemann, as well as SPÖ club boss Robert Hergovich.

The determination of the successor could only be complicated within the party. In the state parliament, on the other hand, the SPÖ has an absolute majority with 19 out of 36 seats. According to the rules of procedure, a simple majority is sufficient for the election of the provincial governor, while at least half of the mandataries must be present.

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