ViewSonic’s 2023 Gaming Monitor at Lowest Price to Date

ViewSonic OMNI VX2716 Gaming Monitor

$110 $130 Save $20

ViewSonic’s this year’s release, the OMNI VX2716 can be purchased for the best price ever. Just a few months ago, it was selling for over $150, but now shoppers looking for an entry-level gaming monitor can find this quality display for just $109.99.

Black Friday shoppers looking for monitors are in luck as Amazon offers the ViewSonic OMNI VX2716 gaming monitor at a discounted price of $109.99. This is a seemingly modest 15% reduction from its previous listing price of $129.99. However, this savings of $20 is a great deal considering the already low price, and the fact that the monitor became available on Amazon earlier this year.

Viewsonic is an American company that specializes in display technologies. The company has developed panels and display devices for decades and introduced various products for professional, casual, and gamer use. The OMNI series from ViewSonic features primarily gamer-oriented products that aim to deliver sharp picture quality but even more importantly fast panels and rapid response times.

The ViewSonic OMNI VX2716 is designed for gamers and to elevate the gaming experience. It comes with its 27-inch Full HD display and integrated speakers for out-of-the-box sound delivery. The monitor has a 100 Hz refresh rate, which is over 60% faster picture refreshing than on regular office monitors. This ensures smoother transitions between images.

The monitor also supports a 1 ms response time, which, alongside AMD FreeSync technology, delivers a smoother and more responsive gameplay experience. No worries about screen tearing and stuttering even when the frame rates are not as good as one would hope.


The VX2716 also offers flexible connectivity options with both HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. The monitor also comes with an adjustable stand and a blue light filter, which helps to lessen eye strain. If all this sounds great, the ViewSonic OMNI VX2716 gaming monitor is now available for the Black Friday period at the lowest price since its release at just $109.99.

Key Features

  • 100Hz refresh rate ensures smooth and fluid gameplay.
  • AMD FreeSync technology Provides a gaming experience without screen tearing.
  • Full HD Resolution offers clear and detailed visuals on a 27-inch screen

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