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On August 28, the second chapter of House of the Dragon. Titled in English “The Rogue Prince”, this episode not only brought some memorable moments but also a new character from the TV series: Craghas Drahar.

Already recognized by some readers of the work of George R.R. Martinthe Benefactor of the Crabs made his appearance in this new installment of fiction and is already presumed to be one of the great villains of the prequel to “Game of Thrones”.

then meet who is craghas drahar of the HBO Max series House of the Dragon. Discover the history of crab feeder and what you should know about it.

Craghas Draharalso known as the Benefactor of the Crabs either crab feederis a prince admiral of Myr. He defends the triarchyan alliance of the Free Cities (Lys, Myr, and Tyrosh) that, under his command, seized control of the stone steps several years before the coronation of Viserys I. Since then, the crown has tolerated control of the territory by the triarchypaying them a tax for using the maritime routes of the territory.

The character appears in some works of George R.R. Martinincluding “fire and blood”, and is described as the leader of outlaws, exiles and fortune hunters. His nickname (Benefactor of the Crabs) owes it to his actions after the battle: impaling hundreds of captive pirates on the beaches so that they drown when the tide rises and are devoured by crustaceans.

Although, initially, the gentlemen of West were pleased by the defeat of the pirates, the agreed tax came to directly affect houses such as the Velaryonafter craghas raise the price. Faced with this problem, Corly’s find in Demon a perfect ally in your war against triarchy in the stone stepswhile Targaryens now seek a kingdom of their own.

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Craghas Drahar in “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)
  • Name: Cragas Drahar
  • Alias: Benefactor of the Crabs
  • Status: Dead
  • Death: 108 AD at the Steps of Stone
  • Origin: Myr
  • Title: Admiral

So far, with what was presented in the production of HBOthere is a difference with the start of this character’s conflict between the books and the series.

While in the works, Drahar the price of the toll increases and this is what generates Corly’s take military action; in the series, he represents a problem due to his acts of hostility and theft.

Craghas Drahar is presented in “House of the Dragon” as a character that causes the annoyance and anger of Lord Corlys Velaryonthe commander of the largest army in Westeros. During the first two chapters, Corly’s calls upon the Council to pay attention to the hostilities of the Benefactor of the Crabs in stone steps. So while Viserys I assures that he has already sent some emissaries, Velaryon he is not satisfied and sees military action as the only alternative to stop him.

In this way, in the second chapter of the production, we see some pirates being devoured by crabs on a beach. Then he makes his first appearance. Craghas Drahar. when suffering from graypsoria (either greyscale, in English), wears a mask. The terrifying character will surely bring a lot of blood in the next installments of the fiction.

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Craghas Drahar and his appearance in “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

Next, we will tell you what happens in the War of the Stone Stepsthe battle between the men of Drahar and those of Velaryon and Daemon. We warn you that there will be SPOILERSbecause these events are not yet presented in the series of HBOMax.

This warlike conflict began in the year AD 106when Demon invaded the stone steps on the back of his dragon, Caraxes. Targaryens he had an army made up of mercenaries, as well as assassins and second sons. Corly’smeanwhile, organized the fleet.

Over two years, the triarchy suffered many losses and had many defeats, despite outnumbering their rivals. Finally, Craghas Drahar comes face to face with Daemon Targaryens. In this last confrontation, the prince decapitated him with his sword dark sister.

Behind this, Targaryens chose to be awarded the title of King of the Stone Steps and the Narrow Sea and received his crown lord corlys.

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