Why do they point to the influencer Gaby Loops in the death of an athlete in Zulia?

Gaby Loops

María Gabriela Chacín, known on social networks as Gaby Loops, has become a trend in Venezuela following the death of a young athlete from Maracaibo, who was run over in July. Although the one who is blamed for the winding is Chacín’s husband, the influencer is accused of complicity.

According to a report by The Stimulus, Gaby Loops is an influencer in the capital of Zulia and had more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. But as a result of the controversy she closed the account.

“The woman was dedicated to advertising local stores and her own: Lazos Loops, located in the Sambil shopping center in the Zulian capital,” he said. The Stimulus.

“Sources close to The Stimulus They explained that Chacín belongs to a circle of influencers in Maracaibo managed by Julio Urribarri. They cover all the events, the inaugurations, reopenings, it is a very closed circle, there are few who belong », he indicated.

The controversy in which the influencer is involved has to do with the fact that she and her husband were arrested on Sunday, August 28, for being suspected of overrunning José Antonio Mayor, a mechanic and athlete.

Who was the young man run over?

On July 8, local newspapers reported the running over of a 36-year-old man on Fuerzas Armadas avenue, around 12:30 noon.

“That day the information that was confirmed is that the hit was given by a gray vehicle that immediately fled,” the report states.

Mayor was left in a delicate condition and his family opened a campaign to raise money to cover his hospitalization, but he died on July 10.

Gaby Loops and her husband

Since the run over, it was unknown who was responsible, but on Sunday, August 28, the victim’s sister, Claudia Mayor, published a video on Instagram indicating that she was able to find out who was responsible for the death of José Antonio Mayor.

“Justice for the death of my brother arrived. Justice does exist. After almost two months and thanks to an angel that God put in my path, anonymously, we were able to find out who was responsible, “said Claudia Mayor.

And he explained that the person who ran over his brother was the husband of a recognized woman in Zulia who, a few days after the event, promoted the concert of Servando and Florentino in Maracaibo.

“The least I can tolerate is indolence, seeing how his wife posted videos in the gym, how they celebrate the birthday of the person who killed my brother, how they celebrate the opening of their other bow shop in Sambil,” he said.

And he emphasized that even if it was an accident, there was an omission to help.

“Despite the fact that the alleged perpetrator did not want to kill my brother, there is still responsibility because he left and left him behind. The omission to help was evident, “said Mayor.

“How do you have a husband who killed someone and you’re like nothing?” Mayor reproached Gaby Loops.

From these data it was that the users of social networks found the name of the influencer. In addition, they point out to other members of Julio Urribarri’s circle that they were aware of what was happening and had not reported it.

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