Horacio Pancheri has a girlfriend and jealousy

Horacio Pancheri has a girlfriend and jealousy
Horacio Pancheri has a girlfriend and jealousy

After ‘I know everything’ revealed what happened between Carmen Villalobos and this actor in the recordings of ‘Top chef VIP’, Speculations about the true situation between the two of them began to surface.

Neither the Colombian nor the Argentine have mentioned these rumorswhich arise after it became known that Sebastián Caicedo would also be dating another woman and that they would even have made a trip to the United States together.

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Nevertheless, Horacio Pancheri is a completely unknown man in the Colombian sphere. Although he spent several weeks in the country recently, his identity is not very common among viewers.

Who is Horacio Pancheri, alleged new boyfriend of Carmen Villalobos

The actress has been single for several months and that is why her followers agree that she make a new relationship with whoever she pleases. If this rumor that she told is true ‘I know everything’, The Colombian would be messing with a man who still has photos with his girlfriend.

Horacio Pancheri is the same age as Carmen Villalobos: 39 years old. In fact, he will turn 40 in 2022, so he surpasses her, who celebrated with a big party a few months ago.

He has extensive experience on television and has been working on Mexican telenovelas for several years, as well as Carmen, although they had never crossed paths on a recording set. In fact, they belonged to different networks, since he worked closely with Televisa and she has been fully linked to Telemundo.

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However, in recent years, he has been engaged to other women and she had been with Sebastián Caicedo for more than a decade, so their paths, if it is true that there is chemistry between them, crossed at the exact moment.

Alleged new boyfriend of Carmen Villalobos has a girlfriend

Horacio Pancheri’s love relationships are well known and were compiled by Chic Magazine. In 2015 he was a couple of Grettel Valdez, with whom he got engaged in June of that year and with whom he ended his relationship in February 2016.

Four months after that breakup, he confirmed his courtship with Paulina Goto, a relationship that lasted two years and ended in October 2018. His next partner became public in 2019, when they related him to Marimar Vega.

In 2021, Horacio Pancheri was seen with the ‘influencer’ Isa Valero, although not even a month had passed since the end of their last relationship, says Univisión. From that moment, both began to publish images together on social networks that are still seen.

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The last photograph they published together was on June 12, during a trip they took.

On one occasion, the actor told how happy this woman born in Venezuela makes him, but that she has been based in Mexico for several years and is far from the television industry.

I like that she is an architect, that she is a businesswoman, that she really likes desserts. She comes from Venezuela, she has a dessert company. She makes the best brownies in the world,” she said.

Jealousy of Horacio Pancheri, who would be the new love of Carmen Villalobos

On one occasion, the actor told the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda that she had to deal with several aspects of his personality that brought him many problems in his relationships.

My three past relationships to the one I have today ended because of my jealousy and insecurities. They couldn’t stand me. Never (I was unfaithful). I was jealous, yes. One thinks it is safe and not, quite the opposite. Now I’m working a lot with my therapy (my jealousy thing). My three breaks were because of my jealousy. My insecurities. They are things that one is working on”, confessed the Argentine actor.

Despite these situations, with Isa Valero, he says, he has been able to find a balance that at almost 40 years old made him even think about commitment. “With Isa I am very happy and at peace. She has been my girlfriend for a year and three months. She is an architect, nothing to do with the medium. It gives me a little more peace of mind perhaps (that it is not), but it does not mean that it leaves me alone, “he assured.

The Colombian actress took a new step in her professional career a few months ago when she decided to accept being the host of a cooking show. She, who is a well-known face in Colombia, Mexico and the United States, successfully ventured into ‘Top chef VIP’.

Although in the recordings he was seen closer to another Colombian, in ‘I know everything’ they gave details of what happened so that they began to link.

“She would be dating her recording partner, Well, according to those close to the reality show, while they were cooking, sparks came out and they exchanged glances,” said Ariel Osorio, host of the entertainment program.

So far, in the episodes that have been shown in ‘Top chef VIP’Horacio has not left the competition and on his social networks he published a photograph from Colombia, but Carmen Villalobos is still in the recordings of this “reality”.

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