Who is Rogelio Veina, grandfather planted in Fresnillo and who went viral

Who is Rogelio Veina, grandfather planted in Fresnillo and who went viral
Who is Rogelio Veina, grandfather planted in Fresnillo and who went viral

The Fresnillo Fair It is one of the most important festivals in the State of Zacatecas, during its celebration unique talents and musicians of great national and international recognition come together. In one of the concerts offered at Fenafre 2022 last Monday, a rather sad event occurred and it has been spread and viralized on the network.

through the social networks the case that had to live a grandpa singer during the event. In the images and videos circulating on Facebook and Twitter, a Elderly in the middle of a totally empty stage public during its presentation at the Fresnillo Fair. Despite these circumstances, the singer Rogelio Veina, protagonist of the case, continues with his presentation.

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In the videos you can see his sadness, after the videos were broadcast, his case went viral managing to reach great exponents of the Mexican regional, such as Gerardo Ortiz and Banda Rancho Grande, the latter, was the one who gave him his place so that he could sing in front of an audience of thousands of people. But who is the grandfather who stood up at the Fresnillo Fair? This is what is known.

Who is Rogelio Veina, grandfather planted Fresnillo and who opened it to Gerardo Ortiz

His images became viral on social networks as they show a no attendance during his presentation but still without attendees, Don Rogelio sang with all his heart. The grandfather who was on the Fenafre 2022 billboard is called Roger Veina and it is a local singer from Zacatecayes

It is known among the population as The Mostrencothe genres that sing that range from station wagon to the Mexican regional they were worth obtain a space in the program of the Fair de Fresnillo 2022. Unfortunately, as he was not a famous or recognized artist, he did not have the expected attendees.

However, her history as a singer has given a 180 degree turn since after his videos went viral, he was in charge of opening the musician’s concert Gerardo Ortiz and even a Doctor Simi was thrown at him.

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During his initial presentation, to which only five attended Y three people, the gentleman was observed to thank despite the null capacity. However, life takes a thousand turns and on August 30, the public was able to make amends with grandpawho sang for thousands of people who excitedly applauded him and even a Dr. Simi was thrown on stage and he was more than happy to receive him with enthusiasm.

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