Entities regret dollar decline but inputs do not

Entities regret dollar decline but inputs do not
Entities regret dollar decline but inputs do not

The president of the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (Fedomu), Kelvin Cruz, and Waldys Taverasexecutive director of the Commonwealth of Greater Santo Domingo (MGSD), agreed that inflation affects the local government budgetbecause all inputs have been triggered.

Interviewed separately, they also agreed that the situation is not more critical due to the considerable increase in resources arranged by the president, Louis Abinaderwith even extraordinary items of RD$$4,000 million through the Dominican Municipal League for sidewalks, curbs and street repairs.

Cruz, mayor of the municipality of La Vega, considers that despite the effects on prices due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian war against Ukrainethe dollar has dropped several points, so importers and industrialists must lower them in the local market.

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He exhorts the Dominican industry, the importers and Creole producers, to lower the merchandise, since the dollar, which was quoted up to 58 pesos, at this time is found 53.

He estimates that just as inputs rise when the dollar rises, now that the drop has been considerable, the prices of construction materials and articles, food and others should fall to the same extent.

Taveras, MGSD director, estimates that the mayors have not felt the impact of international prices more rigorously thanks to the contributions of President Abinader, of around RD$28 billion.

It reveals that this year the municipality has received an increase of 35% compared to years prior to 2020. It maintains that due to the large accumulated social debt, the resources will never be enough.

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