top 11 decks for the Triple Elixir Challenge

The flash of differential modes in clash royale they amaze anyone when at the bottom of the trunk there is a free emote like the one with the purple golem and that is why you have to go through the Triple Elixir Challenge first, Supercell’s first proposal for the beginning of September with six wins ahead and a wide variety of decks to get as far as possible.

Three defeats, six victories and the hope of walking the elixir golem through the arena in the form of an emote, those are the risks and rewards of the new challenge of clash royale to open September in the best possible way, a perfect seasoning for the current x7 located in the daily challenges of the clans that need little cycling and a lot of heavy cards to reach the top.

purple apotheosis

The differential element to win any game of x7 of elixir in clash royale it happens to place the purple golem in the arena and favor its push either with healing or any type of aerial accompaniment, something that does not always work in x3. The decks with this multiplier can be the same but the strategy is still especially important, hence these three variants depending on the style with tornado or mirror.

royal pigs

The strongest deck of clash royale Today you need a gap in these two variants to give value to one of the most powerful troops, especially if you can use the mirror to replicate them or the mother witch to multiply the two-way attack. It’s a tough deck to play, but once perfected it’s unstoppable.


The hard push decks of clash royale They have different victory conditions from the noble giant, the electric one or the golem itself, decks with a lot of elixir weight that work perfectly from minute one in this challenge with the multiplier. The mother witch is especially effective in these modes, as are the giants and the fisherman.


The most famous variant in the history of clash royale leave a lot of ghosts, bandits, dark knights and cannons on the sand to unleash all the potential possible during the two lanes, that is the only requirement, turn to the attack almost without thinking about the defense to sink the enemy.

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