Alejandro Chicharro puts the finishing touch to the Colmenar Viejo fair

Alejandro Chicharro puts the finishing touch to the Colmenar Viejo fair
Alejandro Chicharro puts the finishing touch to the Colmenar Viejo fair

It should be compulsory for bullfighting that the fairs end with a novillada without bullfighters, for various reasons, among which I can think of are the one that they serve, to the fan, to detoxify through bullfighting from so much embarrassment of disjointed passes and repetitive tasks in which priority more aesthetics than truth; and at the same time, to get infected with the new illusions of those who start. And that is what has happened in the arena of La Corredera de Colmenar Viejo, where in the last subscription of 2022, three young bullfighters have faced, without turning their faces, a bullfight, of unequal presence and behavior, of Ginés Bartholomew.

Alejandro Chicharro has ended up being the one who won the greatest victory, since he was carried on the shoulders after cutting an ear to each of his steers; but he in turn too He has been the one who has “charged” the most by being smeared by the third in the afternoon, destroying his satchel when he was fighting as a crutch, and again, he was caught making a remove on the fifth in the afternoon, in this case, with the jacket being destroyed, which did not prevent him, despite showing slight mobility limitations at certain times, from continuing the fight. His dedication and self-respect brought him the prize and recognition of the fans.

The Segovian Curro Muñoz also got a trophy in the fifth of the afternoon for his vibrant bullfighternte a steer with a lot of mobility; in his other opponent, a steer with less presence, the failures with the steels left the prize in greetings. Less lucky was the Valencian Nuk Romerobecause in addition to having to face the two weakest of the confinement, the steels deprived him of trophies.

The fans, among whom there were many young people, were satisfied and enthusiastic about what they had witnessed this afternoon in the Colmenar arena, which is nothing more than the effort of three young people, with more or less success, to solve the difficulties, which were not few, who gave them six steers from a new herd that grazes in the colmenarian lands.


Colmenar Viejo August 31, 2022. Fifth and last subscription of the Fair of the Virgin of Los Remedios de Colmenar Viejo. An entrance room.
6 steers for without horses from the cattle ranch of Gines Bartholomew: unequal presence, strength and play; 5th and 6th with more engine.
nuk rosemary: medium, low lunge -warning- four piths (silence); two punctures -warning- two pilings (greetings).
Curro Munoz: rear lunge – notice- three pigeonholes (greetings); prick, lunge forward (ear).
Alexander Chicharro: detached lunge, two pithing (ear), two punctures and lunge (ear).
Juan Carlos Rey and “Tito” dismounted after pairing at 3rd in the afternoon.

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