Romantic dinners become fashionable on the balcony of O Val Mior

Romantic dinners become fashionable on the balcony of O Val Mior
Romantic dinners become fashionable on the balcony of O Val Mior

The tourist house A Lonquexa do Gan has already set the table five times this month on the most beautiful bench in Morgadns

01 Sep 2022 . Updated at 05:00.

Strategically installed benches and swings in charming places with exclusive views are a trend throughout Galicia, but what has become fashionable now in the Morgadns are the romantic dinners. A couple from Madrid opened the season and the evening was so attractive that the owner of To Lonquexa do Gan, has already served five romantic dinners during August at the Balcn do Val Mior. The place is spectacular because you see the entire valley at your feet and the sunset behind the Stelae with the Ces in the backgroundI heard all the ra of Vigo. It is even more attractive because there are also horses and little kids since it is in the middle of the Serra do Galieiro, explains José Antonio Rodríguez, who heads the rural house that is next to this enclave and that he has run with his wife Delia García for a decade.

The bank, located in the Prado neighborhood, was a historic demand of the neighbors with which the Council and the Local Entity of Morgadns complied two years ago. Since then, this privileged viewpoint of the region has been part of the route of irresistible enclaves to take a selfie with views. Since it was installed, tourism in the area has increased a lot, because it is amazing to enjoy the wild horses, the sea and the mountains, all at the same time, José Antonio points out.

However, the first ones who had the idea of ​​having dinner there were Sergio and Susana. They were staying at A Lonquexa do Gan last year and they already announced then that, as soon as the restrictions were lifted, they would love to have dinner on the balcony. Said and done. When they arrived this summer, José Antonio brought up a folding table, placed it in front of the bench and served them the dinner that the couple had been waiting for so long. Even though it’s only five minutes from our house, we serve more of appetizers like jerky and then one of our wood-fired artisan pizzas, he recalls. The menu paired so well with the place that soon there were those who wanted to emulate the experience.There’s never a shortage of suitors for dinner sitting on the best bench in the world of Morgadns. Until now, they have all been couples who are staying at this establishment, but it does not rule out expanding the offer as the season progresses. The service has to be reformulated somewhat because the house specialties are grilled Galician blonde steaks and suckling lamb or cod in a wood-fired oven and the table with the best views of the restaurant is the one furthest from the kitchen. I think we can arrange to serve the cod and lamb also because it goes in mud and keeps the temperature, advances the manager of A Lonquexa do Gan. The marriage is delighted with the interest that this enclave arouses and also with the results of a summer that is especially necessary for the hotel industry after the pandemic. It has been a very good summer. In August we have been at 100%, they indicate. They do not venture on September because, in addition to the weather, they face a month that they no longeror are there advance reservations. International tourism has also recovered and we have had clients from France or the Netherlands this month, they confirm. In their lovely five-bedroom house, they also organize private parties or get-togethers like the one for 37 fans from a Madrid fan club.

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