two chavistas confronted by a complaint of corruption

two chavistas confronted by a complaint of corruption
two chavistas confronted by a complaint of corruption

On August 30, the Minister of Energy and Petroleum, Tareck El Aissami, denounced Rafael Ramírez before the Public Ministry for alleged corruption. Ramírez met the accusations made by El Aissami and called them a rotten pot against him.

Then we leave you a face to face of what both members of Chavismo said about each other.

El Aissami’s complaint and Ramírez’s response

El Aissami entered the Prosecutor’s Office with a folder on the front of which read “Rafael Ramírez et al. Corruption Case.” It was 11:15 a.m. Earlier that morning Ramírez said that he would accuse the children of first lady Cilia Flores of having embezzled PDVSA.

El Aissami denounces Rafael Ramírez in MP for alleged corruption plot in PDVSA

El Aissami said that they will take up the fight against corruption with force. “This is the fifteenth investigation involving these officials in a corruption plot against PDVSA,” he insisted.

“As I had warned hours before, the government launched another rotten pot against me. Tareck El Aisami does it, wanted and sanctioned by international justice for serious crimes, including drug trafficking, which takes away all legitimacy from his accusations, ”Rafael Ramírez wrote on his Twitter account.

The plot of corruption

El Aissami stated that his complaint “is about the most serious corruption scheme that compromises the assets of our state oil company.” However, he stressed, the action compromises other people and not just Ramírez.

Former Vice President of Finance of PDVSA, Víctor Aular, arrested

Ramírez replied that all the financial operations of PDVSA that were carried out during his administration are endorsed by the international firm KPMG and published. The former oil minister denied that he proceeded in a shady manner with the oil company’s loans.

“All these operations had the favorable opinion of both the KPMG auditors and the international law firm Hogan and Lovells. Do your research before you bray!” he tweeted.

The PDVSA loan that never appeared

El Aissami explained that six days after receiving the letter (March 6) Ramírez called an extraordinary Assembly of the oil company, which included the decision to sign a loan contract under the credit line mechanism with the management company. Atlantic 19,107 CA for 17,490 million Bolivars, with a term of 24 months. This is stated in the minutes delivered to the MP. In the PDVSA accounts there is no record of the income of those bolivars, according to the official.

“What Tareck el Aissami said is absolutely false, the loans in bolivars, necessary to respond to the workers and the industry, were paid with 50% discounts in favor of PDVSA. They were operations favorable to the company, again I invite you to review it,” Ramírez responded to the accusations made against him from Caracas.

a political revenge

During the presentation of the evidence, El Aissami called Rafael Ramírez a traitor, monster, coward, miserable and gangster. The former Chavismo official said that these attacks against him were the product of the government’s hysteria over his presidential campaign.

“When Chávez was sick we worked to support the country, and we did! while the madurismo was preparing to assault power. Then they separated and persecuted Chavez’s ministers, in order to divide up the country”, he affirmed.

However, and although Ramírez promised to present evidence of alleged acts of corruption involving the children of Cilia Flores, they have not appeared.

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